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DOD Regulations

DOD Reg 4000.19-R Defense Regional Interservice Support (DRIS) Regulation

Army Regulations (ARs)

AR 1-4 Employment of Department of the Army Resources in Support of the United States Secret Service

AR 10-23 US Army Criminal Investigation Command

AR 27-20 Claims

AR 30-1 Army Food Service Program

AR 30-7 Operational Rations

AR 30-18 Army Troop Issue Subsistence Activity Operating Procedures

AR 34-1 US Army Participation in Internal Military Rationalization, Standardization and Interoperability (RSI) Programs

AR 37-111 Working Capital Funds - Army Stock Fund; Uniform Policies, Principles, and Procedures Governing Army Stock Fund Operations

AR 40-3 Medical, Dental, and Veterinary Care

AR 40-535 Worldwide Aeromedical Evacuation

AR 500-5 Nuclear Surety

AR 55-29 Military Convoy Operations in CONUS

AR 55-36 DOD Use of Domestic Civil Transportation Under Emergency Conditions

AR 55-113 Movement of Units Within Continental United States

AR 55-162 Permits for Oversize, Overweight, or Other Special Military Movements on Public Highways in the United States

AR 55-355 Military Traffic Management Regulation

AR 75-15 Responsibilities and Procedures for Explosive Ordnance Disposal

AR 95-1 General Provisions and Flight Regulations

AR 108-2 Army Training and Audiovisual Support

AR 190-28 Use of Force by Personnel Engaged in Law Enforcement and Security Duties

AR 190-30 Military Police Investigation

AR 190-38 Detention Cell Standards

AR 190-45 Records and Forms

AR 190-47 The US Army Correctional System

AR 190-52 Countering Terrorism and Other Major Disruptions on Military Installations

AR 195-1 Army Criminal Investigation Program

AR 195-2 Criminal Investigation Activities

AR 210-10 Administration

AR 220-15 Journals and Journal Files

AR 220-58 Organization and Training for Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Defense

AR 230-81 Civilian Nonappropriated Funds and Related Activities

AR 310-25 Dictionary of United States Army Terms

AR 310-50 Catalog of Abbreviations and Brevity Codes

AR 350-7 Training and Evaluation of Forces for Civil Disturbances

AR 350-28 Army Exercises

AR 360-5 Public Information

AR 360-61 Community Relations

AR 360-81 Command Information Program

AR 380-5 Department of the Army Information Security Program

AR 380-13 Acquisition and Storage of Information Concerning Nonaffiliated Persons and Organizations

AR 381-10 US Army Intelligence Activities

AR 381-20 US Army Counterintelligence (CI) Activities

AR 385-63 Policies and Procedures for Firing Ammunition for Training, Target Practice and Combat

AR 500-50 Civil Disturbances

AR 500-51 Emergency Employment of Army and Other Resoures - Support to Civilian Law Enforcement

AR 500-60 Disaster Relief

AR 500-70 Military Support of Civil Defense

AR 525-10 Department of the Army Command and Control Reporting System

AR 530-1 Operations Security (OPSEC)

AR 530-2 Communications Security

AR 530-3 (C) Electronic Security (U)

AR 530-4 (C) Control of Compromising Emanations (U)

AR 600-10 The Army Casualty System

AR 600-20 Army Command Policy and Procedures

AR 600-40 Apprehension, Restraint, and Release to Civil Authorities

AR 638-40 Care and Disposition of Remains

AR 672-5-1 Military Awards

AR 700-49 Loan of DLA Stock Fund Materiel

USACIDC Regulations (CIDRs)*

CIDR 195-5 Criminal Information Program

National Guard Regulations (NGRs)

NGR 500-50 Civil Disturbance Control Operations

Department of the Army Pamphlets (DA PAMs)

DA PAM 27-21 Military Administrative Law Handbook

DA PAM 108-1 Index of Army Motion Pictures and Related Audiovisual Aids

DA PAM 135-3 A Guide to Reserve Components of the Army

DA PAM 310-1 Consolidated Index of Army Publications and Blank Forms

DA PAM 360-524 Your Personal Affairs

DA PAM 360-525 Family Assistance Handbook for Mobilization

Field Manuals (FMs)

FM 3-4 NBC Protection

FM 3-5 NBC Decontamination

FM 3-8 Chemical Reference Handbook

FM 3-9 Military Chemistry and Chemical Compounds

FM 3-100 NBC Operations

FM 19-1 Military Police Support for the AirLand Battle

FM 19-4 Military Police Team, Squad, Platoon Combat Operations

FM 19-10 Military Police Operations

FM 19-20 Law Enforcement Investigations

FM 19-25 Military Police Traffic Operations

FM 19-30 Physical Security

FM 19-40 Enemy Prisoners of War, Civilian Internees and Detained Persons

FM 19-60 Confinement and Correctional Treatment of Military Prisoners

FM 20-60 Battlefield Illumination

FM 21-10 Field Hygiene and Sanitation

FM 21-11(TEST) First Aid for Soldiers

FM 21-60 Visual Signals

FM 21-75 Combat Skills of the Soldier

FM 21-150 Combatives

FM 22-5 Drill and Ceremonies

FM 22-6 Guard Duty

FM 22-100 Military Leadership

FM 23-8 M14 and M14A1 Rifles and Rifle Marksmanship

FM 23-9 M16A1 Rifle and Rifle Marksmanship

FM 23-30 Grenades and Pyrotechnic Signals

FM 23-31 40mm Grenade Launchers M203 and M79

FM 23-35 Pistols and Revolvers

FM 24-1(HTF) Combat Communications

FM 24-16 Communications-Electronics: Operations, Orders, Records and Reports

FM 24-18 Field Radio Techniques

FM 25-1 Training

FM 25-2 Unit Training Management

FM 25-3 Training in Units

FM 25-4 How to Conduct Training Exercises

FM 27-10 The Law of Land Warfare

FM 30-5 Combat Intelligence

FM 33-1 Psychological Operations: US Army Doctrine

FM 41-5 Joint Manual for Civil Affairs

FM 41-10 Civil Affairs Operation

FM 54-7 Theater Army Logistics

FM 55-1 Army Transportation Services in a Theater of Operations

FM 55-9 Unit Air Movement Plan

FM 55-10 Army Movement Management Units and Procedures

FM 55-12 Movement of Army Units in Air Force Aircraft

FM 55-20 Army Rail Transport Operations and Units

FM 55-30 Army Motor Transport Units and Operations

FM 90-2(HTF) Tactical Deception

FM 90-10(HTF) Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT)

FM 100-5 Operations

FM 100-10 Combat Service Support

FM 100-20 Low Intensity Conflict

FM 101-5 Staff Organization and Operations

FM 101-5-1 Operational Terms and Symbols

FM 101-10-1 Staff Officers' Field Manual: Organizational, Technical, and Logistic Data

FM 101-10-2 Staff Officers' Field Manual: Organizational, Technical, and Logistical Data Extracts of Nondivisional Tables of Organization and Equipment

Technical Manuals (TMs)

TM 3-240 Field Behavior of Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Agents

TM 3-250 Storage, Shipment, Handling, and Disposal of Chemical Agents and Hazardous Chemicals

TM 3-1040-220-12&P Operator's and Organizational Maintenance Manual: Disperser, Riot Control Agent, Helicopter or Vehicle Mounted, M5

TM 3-1040-220-34&P Direct Support and General Support Maintenance Manual: Disperser, Riot Control Agent, Helicopter or Vehicle Mounted, M5

TM 3-1040-262-13&P Operator's, Organizational, and Direct Support Maintenance Manual: Disperser, Riot Control Agent, Portable: M33A1

TM 8-285 Treatment of Chemical Agent Casualties and Conventional Military Chemical Injuries

TM 9-1010-224-10 Operator's Manual for Launcher, Projectile, 64-mm: Riot Control, M234

TM 43-0001-26-1 Army Equipment Data Sheets: Chemical Defense Equipment

TM 43-0001-26-2 Army Equipment Data Sheets: Chemical Weapons and Munitions

Training Circulars (TCs)

TC 19-16 Countering Terrorism on US Army Installations

TC 23-14 Sniper Training and Employment

TC 90-6-1 Military Mountaineering

Training Films (TFs)

TF 3-3203 Protective Mask Fitting and Drill

TF 3-3372 Masking Procedures in Combat

TF 3-4060 Components of the M17A1 Field Protective Mask

TF 7-4584 The M16A1 Rifle

TF 7-4586 The Pistol, Automatic, Cal .45, M1911A1

TF 7-4589 Weapons Safety - Part V - The M203 Grenade Launcher

TF 19-3950 Civil Disturbances - Principles of Control

TF 19-3951 Civil Disturbances - Part II - Planning for Control

TF 19-4605 The Riot Baton

TF 19-4873 Crowd Control Formations

TF 19-4882 Collective Behavior - Civil Disturbances - Part I - Evolution of Disorder and Crowd Psychological Factors

TF 19-4884 Operational Doctrine - Civil Disturbances - Part I - Principles

TF 19-4885 Operational Doctrine - Civil Disturbances - Part II - Tasks and Techniques

TF 19-4886 Operational Doctrine - Civil Disturbances - Part III - Application of Force

TF 19-4946 Unarmed Defense

TF 19-6080 Management of Special Threat Situations

MF 20-5829 Rumor

TF 32-3589 Communications Security

TF 33-3913 Loudspeakers in Psychological Operations

TF 33-4177 Face to Face Persuasion

TF 41-3443 Military Civic Action

TF 55-3667 Preparation and Planning

TF 55-3668 Loading Techniques

TF 55-3669 Lashing Techniques

TF 55-4178 Convoy Planning

TF 55-4276 Convoy Organization

TVT 19-54 The Military Police Club

TVT 19-55 The Come-Along

Graphic Training Aids (GTAs)

GTA 21-2-7 Special Orders for Civil Disturbance Operations

Department of the Defense Forms (DD Forms)

DD Form 173/1 Joint Messageform

DD Form 173/2(OCR) Joint Messageform

DD Form 173/3(OCR) Joint Messageform

DD Form 1387-2 Special Handling Data/Certification

Department of the Army Forms (DA Forms)

DA Form 2028 Recommended Changes to Publications and Blank Forms

DA Form 3316-R Detainee Turnover Record


Department of the Army Civil Disturbance Plan (Garden Plot)

Manual for Courts-Martial, United States 1984

*CID Regulations are available, upon request, from Commander, USACIDC, ATTN: CIPA-AD, 5611 Columbia Pike, Falls Church, VA 22041

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