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admin administration

ADP automatic data processing

AF Air Force

AFAP Army Family Advocacy Program

AG Adjutant General

APO Army and Air Force Post Office

AR Army regulation

ASAP alcohol safety action program

auth authorization

AWOL absent without leave

BCC battlefield circulation control

BDU battledress uniform

BEQ bachelor enlisted quarters

BER budget execution review

BIP budget increment package

BMG budget and manpower guidance

BOQ bachelor officers' quarters

CA commercial activities

cal caliber

CDR commander

cm centimeter

CMT crisis management team

COB command operating budget

COMMZ communications zone

CONUS continental United States

COR contract officer's representative

CRS Correctional Reporting System

CS chlorobenzalmalononitrile

CTA common table of allowances

DA Department of the Army

DCSPER Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel

DD Department of Defense (forms)

DEH Directorate of Engineering and Housing

DL detail leader

DOC Directorate of Contracting

DOD Department of Defense

DOJ Department of Justice

DPM deputy provost marshal

DRM Directorate of Resource Management

DWI driving while intoxicated

EDD explosives detector dog

EECI essential elements of criminal intelligence

EOC emergency operations center

EOD explosives ordnance disposal

EPW enemy prisoner of war

FACMT Family Advocacy Case Management Team

FAR Federal Acquisition Regulation

FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation

FCF field confinement facility

FDF field detention facility

FM field manual

FY fiscal year

gal gallon

govt government

GSA General Services Administration

HGNT horizontal gaze nystagmus test

HN host nation

HQ headquarters

hr hour

IAW in accordance with

ID identification

ICF installation confinement facility

IDS infrared discrimination system

intel intelligence

INSCOM United States Army Intelligence and Security Command

ISA interservice support agreement

ITAC Intelligence and Threat Analysis Center

km kilometer

KO contracting officer

LIC low-intensity conflict

LIN line item number

m meter

MAC Military Airlift Command

MACOM major Army command

MAD major activity director

MCA Major Construction, Army

MCM Manual for Courts-Martial

MDEP management decision package

MEVA mission essential vulnerable areas

MFR memorandum for record

MI military intelligence

min minute

mm millimeter

MOS military occupational specialty

MP military police

MPDO military police duty officer

MPFQC Military Police Firearms Qualification Course

MPI military police investigator

MPIS military police investigative supervisor

MPMIS Military Police Management Information Systems

MPR military police report

MSR main supply route

MTOE modification table of organization and equipment

MWD military working dog

NA not applicable

NAC National Agency Check

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NCIC National Crime Information Center

NCO noncommissioned officer

NCOIC noncommissioned officer in charge

no number

NSN national stock number

OALE Office of Army Law Enforcement

OCIR other criminal intelligence requirement

OCONUS outside continental United States

OIC officer in charge

OMA Operations and Maintenance, Army

OPA Other Procurement, Army

OPSEC operations security

ORS Offense Reporting System

PA public address

PAO Public Affairs Officer

PCS permanent change of station

PDIP program development increment package

PERSCOM Personnel Command

PI protected identities

PM provost marshal

POC point of contact

POM program objective memorandum

POV privately owned vehicle

PPBES planning, programming, budgeting, and execution system

PR&C purchase request and commitment

PRAC program resource advisory committee

PS protective services

PSO personal security officer

QSTAG Quadripartite Standardization Agreement

ref reference

rept report

RMO Resource Management Office

ROI report of investigation

ROTC Reserve Officers' Training Corps

sec second

SGT sergeant

SIR serious incident report

SJA Staff Judge Advocate

SOFA status of forces agreement

SOP standing operating procedure

SOW statement of work

SRT special reaction team

SSAC source selection advisory council

SSN social security number

STANAG Standardization Agreement

TA table of allowance

TAACOM theater army area command

TAADS The Army Authorization Documents System

TASC training and audiovisual support center

TC training circular

TCP traffic control post

TDA table of distribution and allowances

TDY temporary duty

TM technical manual

TMF threat management force

TOA total obligational authority

TOE table of organization and equipment

TRADOC United States Army Training and Doctrine Command

UCMJ Uniform Code of Military Justice

UFR unfinanced requirement

USACA United States Army Correctional Activity

USACIDC United States Army Criminal Investigation Command

USACIL United States Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory

USACRC United States Army Crime Records Center

USADIP United States Army Deserter Information Point

USAREUR United States Army, Europe

USC United States Code

USDB United States Disciplinary Barracks

USSS United States Secret Service

VIP very important person

VRS Vehicle Registration System


Amnesty box.
A container into which personnel may place any item, without penalty, before customs processing.

Antihijack security.
All measures taken to reduce the risk of hijacking aircraft, with particular attention to the exclusion of weapons from the passenger compartment of an aircraft. (See Air Force Regulation 60-14.)

Closed evidence voucher.
An evidence voucher concerning evidence from which final disposition has been made by the custodian.

Controlled substance.
A drug or other substance, or immediate precursor thereof, listed in 21 USC 812. General categories included in this section are narcotics, derivatives of the cannabis sativa plant, amphetamines, barbiturates, and hallucinogens.

Crime control.
The detection and investigation of crimes and offenses and the apprehension and protection of offenders.

Crime repression.
The reduction of crimes and offenses through such measures as patrolling, physical security and crime prevention surveys and inspections, observation of persons and places considered crime-producing, and employment of off-limits procedures to preclude military personnel from participating in activities conducive to crime.

Criminal complaint.
An alleged criminal offense reported to or observed by military or civilian police personnel or USACIDC personnel, whether subsequently determined to be founded or unfounded.

Crisis management team (CMT).
A team found at a major command or installation level concerned with plans, procedures, techniques, policies, and controls for dealing with terrorism, special threats, or other major disruptions occurring on government installations or facilities. The team considers the local, national, and international implications of major disruptions and establishes contact with the Army Operations Center as the situation escalates, requiring higher level involvement and guidance. Normally at installation level, the CMT is established at or in proximity to the designated emergency operations center.

Customs exclusion area.
Clearly defined area into which cleared customs personnel enter before they depart.

Evidence ledger.
The bound ledger or record book kept by the evidence custodian to provide double accountability control through cross-reference with the evidence vouchers.

Evidence voucher.
The original DA Form 4137 which, upon presentation to the evidence custodian, becomes an evidence voucher.

Evidence subvoucher.
A carbon or reproduced copy of the original evidence voucher used to effect the temporary release of evidence for any reason.

Founded offense.
A criminal offense that has been proven to have been committed. The determination that a founded offense exists is made by the appropriate police agency and is not dependent upon judicial process.

High-risk personnel.
US personnel who, by their grade, assignment, symbolic value, or relative isolation, are more likely to be attractive or accessible terrorist targets.

Identified offender.
An individual identified by police action as the subject or perpetrator of a criminal offense.

Nonintoxicating malt beverage.
Any alcoholic malt beverage having an alcholic content of less than 3.2 percent by weight.

Open evidence voucher.
An evidence voucher concerning evidence for which the evidence custodian has accountability.

A process in which the parties in conflict are led to consider some specific form of professional counseling service.

Strategic information.
Information that has no immediate applicability but may be used in some future investigation or program. Strategic information gathering is a long-range continuous process.

Tactical information.
Information that has immediate applicability to the employment of units in combat.

Total obligational authority (TOA).
The total financial requirements of the five-year defense program or any component thereof required to support the approved program of a given fiscal year.

Unfounded offense.
A criminal complaint in which a determination is made that a criminal offense was not committed or did not occur. The determination is based on police action, not on court-martial or civilian court verdict.

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