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On the ever-changing landscape of the modern battlefield, the scout platoon remains one of the tactical commander's most valued assets. This is especially true in the traditional role of the cavalry: as the commander's "eyes and ears" on the forward edge of the battle. Today's scout platoon complements its strengths in mobility, speed, and stealth with the latest technology to provide an accurate, timely picture of developments in the area of operations.

This field manual describes how the scout platoon conducts its primary missions, reconnaissance and security. The manual focuses on the principles of platoon operations and on the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) the platoon uses to acquire information and provide security and protection for other units on the battlefield. It also covers a variety of supporting tasks and operations the platoon must perform or coordinate, either as part of its reconnaissance and security missions or as assigned by the commander.

FM 17-98 is for leaders of scout platoons employing either M3-series cavalry fighting vehicles (CFV) or high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles (HMMWV). This covers scout platoons of the armor battalion,
the mechanized infantry battalion, the heavy division, the heavy cavalry regiment, and the light cavalry regiment. The principles and TTP are also adaptable for scout platoons of the light division reconnaissance squadron.

Users and readers of FM 17-98 are invited to submit recommendations that will improve its effectiveness. Prepare comments using DA Form 2028, if possible. A memorandum presenting recommendations in a format similar to the form is acceptable as well. Send comments to Commander, USAARMC, ATTN: ATZK-TDD-P, Fort Knox, Kentucky 40121-5000.

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