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AAC   armament accuracy check
AAR   after-action review
AFIST   Abrams full-crew interactive simulator trainer
AGTS   advanced gunnery training system
AH   attack helicopter
AMC   United States Army Materiel Command
AMTC   armor moving target carrier
Apr   April
ATGM   antitank guided missile
ATTN   attention
AVR   audio and video recording


BAT CHG   battery charge (computer control panel nomenclature)
BIT   built-in test
BMD   Soviet vehicle
BMP   Soviet vehicle
BPLF   basic pre-live fire
BRDM   Soviet vehicle
BTR   Soviet vehicle


cdr   commander
CG   commanding general
CID   commander's integrated display
CITV   commander's independent thermal viewer
CKT BKR   circuit breaker (computer control panel nomenclature)
CLS   contractor logistical support
cm   centimeter(s)
COFT   Conduct-of-Fire Trainer
CPU   central processing unit
CWS   commander's weapon station


DA   Department of the Army
DATA   drawings for Army training aids
(D)MPRC   (digital) multipurpose range complex
DTDD   Directorate of Training and Doctrine Development
DVC-D   data devices
DVC-T   TRADOC devices


EID   electronic interface device
ETP   exportable training package


FCS   fire control system
FKSM   Fort Knox supplemental material
FL   Florida
FM   field manual, frequency modulator
FSR   field service representative
ft   foot (feet)
FTX   field training exercises


GAS   gunner's auxiliary sight
GCDP   gunner's control and display panel
GE   Germany
GPC   general-purpose computer
GPS   gunner's primary sight
GPSE   gunner's primary sight extension
GTA   graphic training aids
GTLF   gate-to-live fire


H   heavy (target designator)
HIND-D   Soviet vehicle
HQ   headquarters


ID   Idaho
in   inch(es)
IO   instructor/operator
IOS   instructor/operator station
ITGS   improved tank gunfire simulator
IUH   Instructor Utilization Handbook
IVIS   intervehicular information system


KY   Kentucky


L   light (target designator)
LFAST   live-fire accuracy screening test
LTID   laser target interface device


M   medium (target designator)
m   meter(s)
MBD   muzzle boresight device
MCOFT   Mobile Conduct-of-Fire Trainer
METL   mission-essential task list
MILES   multiple integrated laser engagement system
mm   millimeter
MPAT   multipurpose antitank (ammunition)


NATO   North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NBC   nuclear, biological, and chemical
NET   new equipment training
NETT   new equipment training team
NSN   national stock number


OIP   optical improvement package
OPORD   operation order
OPTEMPO   operational tempo
OSU   optical sight unit


PAAR   platoon after-action review
PDCU   power distribution and control unit
PGS   precision gunnery system
PGT   platoon gunnery trainer
PM TRADE   Project Manager for Training Devices
pwr   power


RETS   remoted-target system
RF   radio frequency
RPG   rocket-propelled grenade
RT   radio transmitter


S3   Operations and Training Officer (U.S. Army)
SIO   senior instructor/operator
SPC   special-purpose computer
ST   screening test
STEM   stationary target elevating mechanism
STRAC   Standards in Training Commission


T   thermal (target designator)
TBOS   tracer, burst, obscuration simulator
TC   tank commander, training circular
TCGST   Tank Crew Gunnery Skills Test
TD   training device, training documents
TDRS   training data retrieval system
THMTG   target-holding mechanism-tank gunnery
TIS   thermal imaging system
TIU   target interface unit
TKS   target kill simulator
TM   technical manual
TOW   tube-launched, optically tracked, wire-guided (missile)
TPS   turret position sensor
TRADOC   United States Army Training and Doctrine Command
TSC   Training Support Center
TSUH   Training System Utilization Handbook
TSV   Thru-Sight Video
TT   tank table
TWGSS   tank weapon gunnery simulation system


U.S.   United States (of America)
USAARMC   United States Army Armor Center
USAARMS   United Stated Army Armor School


VCR   video cassette recorder
VFS   visual flash simulator
vol   volume


X   power (magnification)

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