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Chapter 11

This chapter describes the responsibilities, organization and functions, employment, and communications of the brigade S1.


The brigade S1 is the brigade commander's principal staff officer for personnel support. The S1 also provides technical direction to brigade units in the critical areas of personnel readiness management, replacements, personnel accounting and strength reporting, personnel information, casualty reporting, postal operations, MWR and community support, and essential personnel services. Specific requirements are detailed in Chapters 1 through 8. The S1 has the following responsibilities:

  • Coordinate all aspects of personnel management, finance services, chaplain activities, public affairs, and legal services. Ensure activities support tactical plans, their branches and sequels, and the commander's desired end-state.
  • Provide information management services for brigade headquarters.
  • Establish brigade-unique personnel policies and procedures.
  • Direct the brigade's critical personnel systems. Staff and unit functions that affect the personnel systems are shown in Figure 11-1.
  • Assist the brigade commander to influence and evaluate the command climate.
  • Direct the brigade's MWR, alcohol and drug abuse prevention and control, equal opportunity, and safety programs.
  • Coordinate with the division personnel management center (PMC) and corps personnel units to obtain external support for the brigade.
  • Coordinate for law enforcement, civil/military operational requirements, stress management, straggler information, and family support activities.
  • Coordinate legal support of certain personnel activities to include service transfers and discharges, line of duty investigations, conscientious objectors processing, and military justice.


The brigade S1 and battalion S1 sections of subordinate battalions normally collocate in the brigade support area. This facilitates brigade-wide technical direction and systems integration. The S1 may organize functional area managers within the S1 into a PMC in order to synchronize personnel management activities and plan current and future operations. All or portions of the brigade S1 section may be task-organized to support brigade/battalion deployment for war or operations other than war.


The brigade uses the brigade communications network to transmit critical personnel information to higher, supporting, and subordinate organizations. This network consists of secure and unsecure voice, telecommunications, digital data or facsimile, and courier.

Digital data transmission using mobile subscriber equipment is the primary means of data transmission to the personnel services battalion (PSB), division, and corps. Facsimile transceiver, telecommunications, and data disk by courier are backup systems. Data disk courier as a backup system seriously degrades information timeliness and its usefulness to the command. The brigade S1 must have the equipment necessary to maintain a consolidated data base and receive and transmit data on a real-time basis.

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