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AR 5-12. Army Management of the Electromagnetic Spectrum. 1 October 1997.

AR 25-1.The Army Information Resources Management Program. 25 March 1997.

AR 310-25.Dictionary of United States Army Terms (short title AD) (reprinted w/basic incl

C1). 15 October 1983.

AR 310-50.Authorized Abbreviations and Brevity Codes. 15 November 1985.

AR 380-5.Department of the Army Information Security Program. 25 February 1988.

AR 380-19.Information Systems Security. 27 February 1998.

AR 380-40.(O) Policy for Safeguarding and Controlling Communications Security

(COMSEC) Material (U). 1 September 1994.

DA Form 2028.Recommended Changes to Publications and Blank Forms. 1 February 1974.

DA Pam 25-30.Consolidated Index of Army Publications and Blank Forms (Issued Quarterly)

(CD-ROM) (No printed copies exist). 1 January 1999.

DA Pam 310-35.Index of International Standardization Agreements. 15 December 1978.

CJCSM 6321.07A Manual for Employing Joint Communications and Systems Joint .

Network Management and Control. 24 January 1997

FM 11-32.Combat Net Radio Operations. 15 October 1990.

FM 11-41.Signal Support Echelons Corps and Below (ECB). 18 December 1991.

FM 11-43.The Signal Leader's Guide. 12 June 1995.

FM 11-50.Combat Communications Within the Division (Heavy and Light). 4 April 1991.

FM 12-6.Personnel Doctrine. 9 September 1994.

FM 24-1.Signal Support in the AirLand Battle. 15 October 1990.

FM 24-11.Tactical Satellite Communications. 20 September 1990.

FM 24-17.Tactical Records Traffic System (TRTS). 17 September 1991.

FM 24-18.Tactical Single-Channel Radio Communications Techniques. 30 September 1987.

FM 24-22.Communications-Electronics Management System (CEMS). 30 June 1977.

FM 24-24.Signal Data References Signal Equipment. 29 December 1994.

FM 24-33.Communications TechniquesElectronic Counter-Countermeasures. 17 July 1990.

FM 24-35.(O) Signal Operation Instructions "The SOI." 26 October 1990.

FM 24-40.Tactical Visual Information Doctrine {FMFM 3-8}. 12 December 1991.

FM 25-100.Training the Force. 15 November 1988.

FM 71-100.Division Operations. 28 August 1996.

FM 100-5.Operations. 14 June 1993.

FM 100-15.Corps Operations. 29 October 1996.

FM 100-16.Army Operational Support. 31 May 1995.

FM 100-20.Military Operations in Low Intensity Conflict {AFP 3-20}. 5 December l990.

FM 101-5.Staff Organization and Operations. 31 May 1997.

FM 101-5-1.Operational Terms and Graphics {MCRP 5-2A}. 30 September 1997.

FM 700-80.Logistics (reprinted w/basic incl C1). 15 August 1985.

Joint Pub 0-2.Unified Action Armed Forces (UNAAF). 24 February 1995.

Joint Pub 1.Joint Warfare for the US Armed Forces. 10 January 1995.

TM 11-5800-216-10-1.System Manual for Mobile Subscriber Equipment MSE

(reprinted w/basic incl C1-C4). 1 September 1991.

TM 11-5800-216-10-2.System Manual for Mobile Subscriber Equipment MSE

(reprinted w/basic incl C1-C2). 1 September 1991.

TM 11-5800-216-10-3.(C) System Manual for Mobile Subscriber Equipment Appendix K COMSEC Key Management (U) MSE. 1 November 1994.

TM 11-5800-216-10-4.System Manual for Mobile Subscriber Equipment MSE

(reprinted w/basic incl C1-C3). 1 November 1992.

TC 24-20.Tactical Wire and Cable Techniques. 3 October 1988.

STANAG 5040.NATO Automatic and Semiautomatic Interfaces Between the National

Switched Telecommunications Systems of the Combat Zone and Between These Systems and the NATO Integrated Communications System (NICS), Period 1975 to 1990s, Edition 3. 23 October 1985.

STANAG 5042.Military Telecommunications - Diagrams Symbols, Edition 2.

9 November 1993.

SR-43A.System Specification Requirement Document (GTE). June 1990.

SR-45.System Specification Requirement Document (GTE). June 1990.

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