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TOE 11602L000. Theater Signal Command.

TOE 11603L100. TACSATCOM Company.

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TOE 11607A000. Heavy Hub Platoon.

TOE 11608A000. Light Hub Platoon.

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TOE 11656A (100-400). HHD Strategic Signal Battalion.

TOE 11667L0. Signal Company, Tropo (Light).

TOE 11668L0. Signal Company, Tropo (Heavy).

TOE 11669L0. Signal Company (Command Operations Theater).

TOE 11674A000. Theater Tactical Signal Company (Separate).

TOE 11685A000. Theater Tactical Signal Battalion.

TOE 11686A00. HHC Theater Tactical Signal Battalion.

TOE 11687A0. Command Support Company.

TOE 11688A0. Minor Support Company.

TOE 11689A0. Major Support Company.

TOE 11689A200. Major Support Company (Separate).

TOE 11800A000. HHC Army Signal Command.

TOE 11801A000. HHC Signal Command (Rear).

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