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AAMDC Army Air Missile Defense Command
AC active component
ACCOR Army COMSEC Central Office of Record
ACP Allied Communications Publication
ACUS Area Common User System
ADA air defense artillery
ADP automated data processing
ADPE automated data processing equipment
AFFOR Air Force forces
AG Adjutant General
AGMS automated gateway message switch
AIS automated information systems
AMC US Army Materiel Command
AMMO ammunition
ANSOC Army Network and Systems Operations Center
AOR area of responsibility
ARFOR Army forces
ARSOF Army Special Operations Forces
ASCC Army Service Component Command
ASD Assistant Secretary of Defense
ASG area support groups
ASIOE associated support items of equipment
ATE automated test equipment
ATO Army Telecommunications Office
ATS air traffic services
ATTN attention
AUTODIN automated digital network
BATCOM battalion control
BDE brigade
BIS battlefield information system
BN battalion
BOM bill of materials
BSM battlefield spectrum management
C2 command and control
C3 command, control, and communications
C3I command, control, communications, and intelligence
C4 command, control, communications and computers
C4IS command, control, communications, and computers information systems
CA Civil Affairs
CACOM civil affairs command
CAP crisis action procedures
CAW certification authorization workstation
CBT combat
CCI controlled cryptographic items
CDR commander
CDR commander
CE communications-electronics
centers of
Those characteristics, capabilities, or localities from which a military force derives its freedom of action, physical strength, or will to fight.
CG commanding general
CG commanding general
CHEM chemical
CINC Commander in Chief
CIO chief information officer
CJCS Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
CJCSI Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction
CJCSM Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Manual
CJTF Commander, Joint Task Force
CLSU COMSEC logistics support unit
CMD command
CMDSA COMSEC material direct support activity
CMDT commandant
coalition An ad hoc arrangement between two or more nations for common action.
CofS Chief of Staff
COMCAM combat camera
Comm communications
COMMCEN communications center
COMMZ communications zone
COMSEC communications security
CONUS continental United States
COOP continuity of operations plan - assists each core business process, application manager, or facility business manager in completing Y2K contingency plans (i.e., risk assessment and continuity of operations plan).
COTS commercial-off-the-shelf
coup de main An offensive operation that capitalizes on surprise and simultaneous execution of supporting operations to achieve success in one swift stroke.
CPT captain
CS combat support
CSCE communications system control element
CSPE communications systems planning element
CSS combat service support
DA Department of the Army
DCA Defense Communications Agency
DCO-A Defense Certification Office-Army
DCofS Deputy Chief of Staff
DCSC4 Deputy Chief of Staff for command, control, communications, and computers
DCSENG Deputy Chief of Staff Engineer
DCSIM Deputy Chief of Staff for Information Management
DCSINT Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence
DCSLOG Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics
DCSMED Deputy Chief of Staff Medical
DCSOPS Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans
DCSPER Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel
DCSPM Deputy Chief of Staff Provost Marshall
DCSRM Deputy Chief of Staff Resource Management
DGM digital group multiplex
DII defense information infrastructure
DISA Defense Information System Agency
DISC4 Directorate for Information Systems for C4
DISN Defense Information Systems Network
DISNET defense integrated secure network
DLA Defense Logistics Agency
DMS defense message switch
DNS domain name service
DOD Department of Defense
DOI defense operating instructions
DOIM Directorate of Information Management
DPAS digital patch and access
DRSN defense red switch network
DS direct support
DSC DMS Service Center
DSCS Defense Satellite Communications System
DSED Direct Support Engineering Directorate
DSN defense switched network
DSSCS Defense Special Security Communications System
DSTE digital subscriber terminal equipment
DTG digital trunk group
DUA directory user agents
ea each
EAC echelons above corps
EAM emergency action message
ECB echelons corps and below
EHF extremely high frequency
Elec electronic
e-mail electronic mail
ENCOM engineer command
ENG engineer
ENL enlisted
EOD explosive ordinance disposal
EPW enemy prisoner of war
EQ equipment
ESS electronic switching system
EW electronic warfare
FCO Facility Control Office
FIN finance
FLTSATCOM fleet satellite communications
FM frequency modulated; field manual
FOIA Freedom of Information Act
FORSCOM US Forces Command
FOT fiber-optic terminal
FOTS fiber-optic transmission systems
FSEN future small extension node
FWD Forward
G1 Assistant Chief of Staff, Personnel
G2 Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence
G3 Assistant Chief of Staff, Operations
G4 Assistant Chief of Staff, Logistics
G5 Assistant Chief of Staff, Civil Affairs
G6 Assistant Chief of Staff, Communications
G8 Assistant Chief of Staff, Resource Management
GBS Global Broadcast Service
GCCS Global Command and Control System
GCCS-A Global Command and Control System-Army
GENSER general service
GMF ground mobile forces
GOTS government-off-the-shelf
GP group
GS general support
HF high frequency
HHC headquarters and headquarters company
HHD headquarters and headquarters detachment
HN host nation
HNA host nation agreement
HOSP hospital
HQ headquarters
Programs conducted to relieve or reduce the results of natural or manmande disasters or other endemic conditions such as human pain, disease, hunger, or privation that might present a serious threat to life or that can result in great damage to or loss of property. Humanitarian assistance provided by US forces is limited in scope and duration. The assistance provided is designed to supplement or complement the efforts of the host nation civil authorities or agencies that may have the primary responsibility for providing humanitarian assistance.
IAW in accordance with
IGAR Inspector General Action Request
IHFR improved high frequency radio
IMINT imagery intelligence
Info information
Info information
The organized collection, processing, transmission, and dissemination of information, IAW defined procedures, whether automated or manual. In information warfare, this includes the entire infrastructure, organization, and components that collect, process, store, transmit, display, disseminate, and act on information.
INSCOM intelligence and security command
IP Internet protocol
ISDN integrated service digital network
ISS information system security
ISSO Information Services Support Office
IST interswitch trunk
ISYSCON integrated system control
ITID Information Technology Integration Directorate
ITOE intermediate table of organizations and equipment
ITW&A integrated tactical warning and assessment
IW information warfare - actions taken to achieve information superiority by affecting adversary information, information-based processes, information systems, and computer-based networks while leveraging and defending one's own information, information-based processes, information systems, and computer-based networks.
JANAP Joint Army-Navy-Air Force Publication
JCCC Joint Communication Control Center
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
JCSE Joint Communications Support Element
JFC joint force command(er)
JFLCC joint force land component commander
JIEO Joint Interoperability Emergency Organization
JOA joint operations area
JRMC joint remote multiplexer combiner
JSOTF joint special operations task force
JTF joint task force
JWICS Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System
km kilometer(s)
LAN local area network
LEN large extension node
lines of
Lines which define the directional orientation of the force in time and space in relation to the enemy. They connect the force with its base of operations and its objectives.
LIWA land information warfare activity
LNO liaison officer
LNOSST liaison officer signal support teams
LOC lines of communication
LOS line-of-sight
Maint maintenance
MARFOR Marine forces
MCA Movement Control Agency
MCSP mobile command support platoon
MED medical
MEDCOM medical command
METT-TC mission, enemy, terrain, troops, time, and civil consideration
MGV mobile gateway van
MI military intelligence
MILNET military network
MILSATCOM military satellite communications
MILSTAR military strategic and tactical relay
MLPP multilevel precedence and preemption
MLS multilevel security
MMC Materiel Management Center
MOA Memorandum of Agreement
MOOTW military operations other than war
MOS military occupational specialty
MRC major regional conflict
MSC major subordinate commands
MSE mobile subscriber equipment
MSG message
MSRT mobile subscriber radio terminal
MTA message transfer agent
MTMC Military Traffic Agreement Command
MTOE modified table of organizations and equipment
MTW major theater war
MWR morale, welfare, and recreation
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NAVFOR Navy forces
NBC nuclear, biological, chemical
NCA national command authority
NCO noncommissioned officer
NCS node center switch
NEO noncombatant evacuation operation
NIPRNET Nonclassified Internet Protocol Routing Network
NRI net radio interface
NSM network and systems management
O&M operation and maintenance
OCONUS outside continental United States
OFF officer
op operations
OPCON operational control
operational art The deployment of military forces to attain strategic and/or operational objectives through the design, organization, integration, and conduct of strategies, campaigns, major operations, and battles. Operational art translates the joint force commander's strategy into operational design and, ultimately, tactical action by integrating the key activities at all levels of war.
OPLAN operation plan
OPM Office of Personnel Management
OPNS operations
OPORD operations order
OPSEC operations security
OTOE objective table of organizations and equipment
PA public affairs
PACOM Pacific command
PAO Public Affairs Office
PAO Public Affairs Office
PBX private branch exchange
peace operations A broad term that encompasses peacekeeping operations and peace enforcement operations conducted in support of diplomatic efforts to establish and maintain peace.
PERSCOM personnel command
PMCS preventive maintenance checks and services
POC point of contact
POL petroleum, oils, and lubricants
POW prisoner of war
POWER PAC3 POWER Projection for Army Command, Control and Communications
PROP CONT property control
PSN packet switch network
PSYOP psychological operations
RAU radio access unit
RC reserve component
RCC regional control centers
RCERT regional computer emergency response team
RSSC Regional Space Support Center
S & S supply and services
S1 Personnel Staff Office
S2 Intelligence Staff Office
S3 Operations and Training Staff Office
S4 Logistics Staff Office
SARSS-O standard Army retail supply system-objective
SATCOM satellite communications
SCARS Status Control Alerting and Reporting System
SCI sensitive compartmented information
SCS special communications system
SECDEF Secretary of Defense
SEN small extension node
SF special forces
SGS Secretary of the General Staff
SHF super high frequency
SIGINT signal intelligence
SINCGARS Single-Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System
SIPRNET Secret Internet Protocol Routing Network
SJA Staff Judge Advocate
SMTP standard mail transfer protocol
SOC special operations command
SOF special operations force
SOFA Status of Forces Agreement
SOI signal operation instructions
SONET synchronous optical network
SOP standing operating procedure
SPEC special
SPT support
SRA specialized repair activity
SST signal support team
Sta station
STAR-T Super High Frequency Tri-band Advanced Range Extension Terminal
STEP standard tactical entry point
SYSCON systems control
TA theater Army
TAACOM theater army area command
TAC tactical command post
TACCS Tactical Army CSS Computer System
TACSAT tactical satellite
TAMCA Theater Army Movement Control Agency
TAMMC Theater Army Materiel Management Center
TBD to be determined
TCC technical control center
TCCOR Theater COMSEC Central Office of Record
TCF technical control facility
TCLSC Theater COMSEC Logistics Support Center
TDA tables of distribution and allowances
TECHCON technical control
telecomm telecommunications
TELNET telecommunications network
Term terminal
TFC theater finance command
TIN Tactical Installation and Networking
TNSOC Theater Network and Systems Operations Center
TOE tables of organization and equipment
TPFDD time-phased force and deployment data - the Joint Operation Planning and Execution System database portion of an operation plan; it contains time-phased force data, non-unit related cargo and personnel data, and movement data for the operation plan.
TPN tactical packet network
TRANS transportation
TRANSCOM transportation command
TRI-TAC tri-service tactical
TROPO troposcatter
TSACS Terminal Server Access Controller System
TSC theater signal command
TSMC theater signal maintenance company
TSO theater signal officer
TSRT typewriter subscriber terminals
TSSC theater strategic signal company
TSSS Top Secret Support System
TT teletype
TTSB theater tactical signal brigade
TTSC (SEP) theater tactical signal company (Separate)
UA user agent
UCMJ Uniform Code of Military Justice
UHF ultra high frequency
UN United Nations
URS unit reference sheet
US United States
USAF US Air Force
USANETA US Army Networks, Engineering and Telecommunications Activity
USARCENT US Army Forces Central Command
USASC US Army Signal Command
USCINCEUR US Commander in Chief, Europe
USMC US Marine Corps
USMTF US message text format
USR unit status reports
V version
VI visual information
VTC video teleconferencing
WAN wide area network
WMD weapons of mass destruction - in arms control usage, weapons that are capable of a high order of destruction and/or of being used in such a manner as to destroy large numbers of people. Can be nuclear, chemical, biological, or radiological weapons, but excludes the means of transporting or propelling the weapon where such means is a separable and divisible part of the weapon.
WO warrant officer
WWMCCS Worldwide Military Command and Control System

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