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ADA - air defense artillery
ADC(S) - assistant division commander (support)
ALO - AirLand Operations
ALOC - air lines of communication
AR - Army regulation
ASL - authorized stockage list
ASP - ammunition supply point
asst - assistant
ATP - ammunition transfer point
AVIM - aviation intermediate maintenance


bde - brigade
BCC - battlefield circulation and control
BDAR - battlefield damage assessment and repair
BDAT - battle damage assessment team
bn - battalion


C2 - command and control
cdr - commander
C-E - communications-electronics
CEB - clothing exchange and bath
chem - chemical
CINC - commander-in-chief
CMF - career management field
CMO - civil-military officer, civil-military operations
coll - collection
CONUS - continental United States
COSCOM - corps support command
CP - command post
CPX - command post exercise
CS - combat support
CSA - corps storage area
CSC - combat stress control
CSS - combat service support


DA - Department of the Army
DAO - division ammunition officer
DCSEN - Deputy Chief of Staff, Engineer
DCSINT - Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence
DCSLOG - Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics
DCSOPS - Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans
dir - director
DISCOM - division support command
div - division
DMMC - division materiel management center
DODIC - Department of Defense identification code
DS - direct support


E - enlisted
EAC - echelons above corps
EAD - echelons above division
e.g. - for example
eng - engineer
EOD - explosive ordnance disposal
EPW - enemy prisoner of war


FM - field manual; frequency modulated
FSB - forward support battalion
FST - finance support team


G1- Assistant Chief of Staff, G1 (Personnel)
G2 - Assistant Chief of Staff, G2 (Intelligence)
G3 - Assistant Chief of Staff, G3 (Operations and Plans)
G4 - Assistant Chief of Staff, G4 (Logistics)
G5 - Assistant Chief of Staff, GS (Civil Affairs)
GS - general support


HHC - headquarters and headquarters company
HEMTT - heavy expanded mobility tactical truck
HET - heavy-equipment transporter
HNS - host-nation support
HSS - health service support


IAW - in accordance with
IG - inspector general


JPO - joint petroleum office


LOGCAP - logistics civil augmentation program


MCC - movement control center
MCO - movement control office(r)
MCT - movement control team
MEDCOM - medical command
METT-T - mission, enemy, terrain, troops, and time available
MHE - materials-handling equipment
MMC - materiel management center
MOPP - mission-oriented protection posture
MOS - military occupational specialty
MP - military police
MRE - meal, ready-to-eat
MSR - main supply route
MTF - medical treatment facility
MWR - morale, welfare, and recreation


NBC - nuclear, biological, chemical
NCO - noncommissioned officer
NICP - national inventory control point


off - officer
OPCON - operational control
OPLAN - operation plan
OPORD - operation order
ops- operations


pam - pamphlet
PBO - property book officer
PERSCOM - personnel command
pl - plans
PLL - prescribed load list
PMO - provost marshal office(r)
POD - port of debarkation
PSS - personnel service support
POL - petroleum, oils, and lubricants


RAOC - rear area operations center
rep - representative(s)
RTF - regeneration task force
RTD - return to duty


S1 - Adjutant (USArmy)
S2 - Operations and Training officer (US Army)
S4 - Supply Officer (US Army)
SAAS - Standard Army Ammunition System
SABRE - System to Assist with Battlefield Reconstitution
salv- salvage
S&P - stake and platform
SAPO - subarea petroleum office
SOI - signal operation instructions
SOP - standing operating procedure


TA - theater army
TAACOM - theater army area command
TACAIR - tactical air
TAMCA - theater army movement control agency
TAMMC - theater army material management center
TPU - tank and pump unit
TRADOC - United States Army Training and Doctrine Command
TTP - tactics, techniques and procedures


UBL - unit basic load
UMT - unit ministry team
US - United States (of America)
USACASCOM - United States Army Combined Arms Support Command
USO - United Services Organization


XO - executive officer

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