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Chapter 7
National Military Structure

The OPFOR National Headquarters actually comprises three headquarters in one. It includes the Supreme High Command Headquarters and its executive agency, the General Staff. Since the Ground Forces are by far the largest branch of the armed forces, the National Headquarters also doubles as the Ground Forces Headquarters. Of the four branches, only the Ground Forces and the Air Force are large enough to warrant separate chapters. (Chapters 1 through 5 cover the Ground Forces, and Chapter 8 the Air Force.) This chapter provides some detail on the other two branches: the Special Operations Command and the Navy. It also covers the General Staffs Directorate of Military Intelligence and the Internal Security Forces of the Ministry of the Interior, which come under control of the General Staff in wartime.


National Headquarters

Special Operations Command

Special-Purpose Forces Brigade, SOC

Special-Purpose Forces Battalion, SPF Bde

Special-Purpose Forces Team, SPF Co

Commando Battalion, SOC or MD or CDF

Battalion Headquarters, Commando Bn

Commando Company, Commando Bn

Commando Platoon, Commando Co

Commando Squad, Commando Plt

Mortar Platoon, Commando Bn or Arty Btry, Commando Bn

Artillery Battery, Commando Bn

Rocket Launcher Platoon, Arty Btry, Commando Bn

Weapons Company, Commando Bn

Heavy Machinegun Platoon, Wpns Co, Commando Bn

Antitank Platoon, Wpns Co, Commando Bn

Engineer Platoon, Commando Bn

Signal Platoon, Commando Bn

Supply and Service Platoon, Commando Bn

Troop Transport Platoon, Commando Bn


Directorate of Military Intelligence, General Staff

Signals Reconnaissance Battalion, DMI

Reconnaissance and Electronic Combat Battalion, DMI

Internal Security Forces

Directorate of Military Intelligence,

General Staff

Of the three primary directorates of the General Staff, the Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI) plays a special role. It controls national-level intelligence assets and may allocate some of its forces to support Ground Forces organizations. The organization chart below represents only the portion of its assets which the DMI could allocate downward. It does not represent or define the intricate relationships among national-level structures and agencies.

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