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Strategic Publications

National Military Strategy, January 1992.

National Security Strategy, July 1994.

Charter of the United Nations, 26 June 1945.

The Clinton Administration's Policy on Reforming Multilateral Peace Operations (Presidential Decision Directive 25), May 1994

Public Law 79-264 (as amended), The United Nations Participation Act of 1945.

Joint, Multiservice, and Foreign Publications

JCS Pub 1-02, Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, 23 March 1994.

JCS Pub 2-0, Joint Doctrine for Intelligence Support to Operations, 12 October 1993.

JCS Pub 3-0, Doctrine for Joint Operations, 9 September 1993.

JCS Pub 3-05, Doctrine for Joint Special Operations, 28 October 1992.

JCS Pub 3-07, Joint Doctrine for Military Operations Other Than War (Final Draft), July 1994.

JCS Pub 3-07.1, Foreign Internal Defense, 20 December 1993.

JCS Pub 3-07.2, Joint Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (JTTP) for Antiterrorism, 25 June 1993.

JCS Pub 3-07.3, Joint Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Peacekeeping Operations, 29 April 1994.

JCS Pub 3-10.1, Joint Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (JTTP) for Base Defense, 15 March 1993.

JCS Pub 3-53, Doctrine for Joint Psychological Operations, 30 July 1994.

JCS Pub 3-54, Joint Doctrine for Operations Security, 15 April 1994.

JCS Pub 3-56, Command and Control for Joint Operations, (Proposed Final Publication) 21 January 1994.

JCS Pub 3-57, Doctrine for Joint Civil Affairs (Proposed Final Publication), October 1993.

JCS Pub 4-0, Doctrine for Logistics Support of Joint Operations, September 1992.

JCS Pub 4-02.1, Health Support Logistics in Joint Operations, 15 January 1991.

JCS Pub 4-04, Joint Doctrine for Civil Engineering Support, (Proposed Final Publication) 24 June 1994.

JCS Pub 5-0, Doctrine for Planning Joint Operations (Final Coordinating Draft), July 1994.

JCS Pub 5-00.1, Joint Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Campaign Planning (First Draft), 1 July 1994.

JCS Pub 5-00.2, Joint Task Force Planning, Guidance and Procedures, September 1991.

FM 100-23-2/FMFRP X-XXX/USACOM Pam XX/NDC TACNOTE 3-07.52/ ACCP 50-XX/ USAFEP 50-XX/PACAFP 50-XX, Multiservice Procedures for Humanitarian Assistance Operations (Final Draft), March 1994.

AJP-1, Allied Joint Operations Doctrine, First Draft.

Strawman, Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Peace Enforcement, Peacemaking, Peacekeeping, Humanitarian Assistance, Joint/Combined/Interagency Operations, Center for Low-Intensity Conflict (CLIC), December 1992.

British Military Doctrine (Draft), 12 May 1994.

Operations (includes Peacekeeping and Wider Peacekeeping), Draft Chapter Seven, United Kingdom, Spring, 1993.

Draft Army Field Manual, Wider Peacekeeping, United Kingdom, (Fourth Draft Revised), August 1994.

Quadripartite Study on Peace Support Operations, United Kingdom, April 1993.

Peacekeeping Pamphlet No 1, Peace Support Operations, Australian Defence Force, June 1993.

The Blue Helmets: A Review of United Nations Peacekeeping, Second Edition, New York, 1990. United Nations.

UN Training Guidelines, Summer 1993.

Peacekeeper's Handbook, International Peace Academy, New York, 1984.

Expeditionary Forces Conducting Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Operations, COMSURFWARDEVGRU USMC TACMEMO (Draft), 1993.

Nordic UN Tactical Manuals, Volumes 1 and 2, 1992.

CFP 301 (Interim), Land Force Peacekeeping Operations, Canadian Force Publication, Spring 1993.

NATO Doctrine for Peace Support Operations, (Draft) 22 February 1994.

MC-327, NATO Military Planning for Peace Support Operations (For Official Use Only).

MC-319, NATO Principles and Policiesfor Logistics.

MC-326, Medical Support Precepts and Guidancefor NATO.

MCM-CIJ-001-94, NATO Commanders Authority Over Logistics Resources (new Annex A, MC-319).

Draft Concept of Involvement of Army Units in Humanitarian and Peacekeeping Activities, French Army, 15 October 1992.

Army Publications

DA Circular 11-88-2, Policies for the Sinai Multinational Force and Observers, 1 February 1988.

DA Circular 11-90-4, The Sinai Multinational Force and Observers, 10 August 1990.

DA PAM 27-1, Treaties Governing Land Warfare, 7 December 1956.

DA PAM 700-15, Logistics Support of United Nations Peacekeeping Forces, May 1986.

FM 5-114, Engineer Operation Short of War, 13 July 1992.

FM 7-20, The Infantry Battalion, 6 April 1992

FM 7-85, Ranger Unit Operations, 9 June 1987.

FM 7-98, Operations in Low Intensity Conflict, 19 October 1992.

FM 8-1, Health Services Support in a Theater of Operations. 1 March 1991.

FM 8-42, Medical Operations in Low Intensity Conflict, 4 December 1990.

FM 8-55, Planning for Health Service Support, 15 February 1985.

FM 12-50, US Army Bands, 6 September 1991.

FM 19-4, Military Police Battlefield Operations, 7 May 1993

FM 19-5, Civil Disturbances, 28 November 1985.

FM 21-10, Field Hygiene and Sanitation, 22 November 1988.

FM 21-10-1, Unit Field Sanitation Team, 11 October 1989.

FM 21-11, First Aid for Soldiers, 27 October 1988.

FM 27-10, The Law of Land Warfare, 18 July 1956.

FM 27-100, Legal Operations, 30 September 1991.

FM 31-20, Doctrine for Special Forces Operations, 20 April 1990.

FM 33-1, Psychological Operations, 18 February 1993.

FM 34-2, Collection Management and Synchronization Planning, 8 March 1994.

FM 41-10, Civil Affairs Operations, 11 January 1993.

FM 63-6, Combat Service Support in Low-Intensity Conflict, 21 January 1992.

FM 90-4, Air Assault Operations, 16 March 1987.

FM 90-8, Counterguerrilla Operations, 29 August 1986.

FM 90-14, Rear Battle, 10 June 1985.

FM 90-10-1, An Infantrymen's Guide to Combat in Built-Up Areas, 12 May 1993.

FM 100-5, Operations, 14 June 1993

FM 100-7, Decisive Force: The Army in Theater Operations, (Final Draft) 4 April 1994.

FM 100-8, Multinational Army Operations (Draft), 4 April 1994.

FM 100-16, Army Operational Support (Draft) 4 April 1994,

FM 100-17, Mobilization, Deployment, Redeployment, Demobilization, 28 October 1992.

FM 100-19/FMFM 7-10, Domestic Support Operations, 1 July 1993.

FM 100-20/AFP 3-20, Military Operations in Low Intensity Conflict, 5 December 1990.

FM 100-25, Doctrine for Army Special Operations Forces, 12 December 1991.

TRADOC Pamphlet 11-9, Blueprint of the Battlefield (with additional operations support of war functions integrated [draft]), 21 May 1991.

TRADOC Pamphlet 25-34, Desk Guide for Doctrine Writing, 24 January 1992.

TRADOC Pamphlet 525-56, Planners Guide for Military/Operations Other Than War, 1 September 1993.

Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL) Newsletter, Operations Other Than War: Peace Operations and Peace Enforcement, December 1993.

CALL Newsletter, Fratricide Risk Assessment for Company Leadership, March 1992.

CALL Newsletter, Force Protection (Safety), December 1993.

CALL Newsletter, Operations Other Than War: Humanitarian Assistance, December 1992.

CALL Lessons Learned Report: Operation Restore Hope, 15 November 1993 (For Official Use Only).

XVIII Airborne Corps SOP in Support of the MFO, (Unofficial), 1993.

Wings for Peace: Airpower in Peacemaking Operations, Major W. Bruce Member, USAF, School of Advance Military Studies (SAMS) Monograph, 17 December 1992.

Operation Provide Comfort: A Modelfor Future NATO Operations, LTC John P. Cavanaugh, SAMS Monograph, 28 May 1992.

Does the Army Have A Peacekeeping Doctrine for the 1990s, Major Charles Taylor, SAMS Monograph, 29 June 1992.

Civilians in Support of Military Field Operations, J.E. Condrill, US Army War College Study Project, 15 April 1993.

The Relationship Between War and Peacekeeping, Major V.M., Robinson, USA, SAMS Monograph, 13 May 1992.

Conflict Termination: Integrating the Elements of Power in Today's Changing World, LTC W. Wodjakowski, USAWC Study Project, 15 April 1993.

Tactical Implications for Peacemaking in Ethnic Conflict, Major John M. Kelley, SAMS Monograph, 7 April 1993.

White Paper, The Application of Peace Enforcement Operations at Brigade and Battalion, US Army Infantry School, 31 August 1993.

Somalia Lessons Learned: Light Cavalry, US Army Armor Center, September 1993.

Peacekeeping: A Selected Bibliography, USAWC, January 1994.

Peace Operations Sourcebook, Inspector General DOD, 29 July 1994.

Recommended Readings

An Agenda For Peace: Preventative Diplomacy, Peacemaking, and Peacekeeping, Report of the Secretary General, Boutros Boutros Ghali, 17 June 1992.

A Draft Concept of Second Generation Multinational Operations 1993, John Mackinlay and Jarat Chopra, The Thomas J. Watson Institute for International Studies, Brown University, 1993.

Military Operations To Rcstore Peace and Mnintnin Order, COL John W. McDonald, USA (Ret), AUSA Land Power Essay, 1993.

"The United Nations in 1992: Problems and Opportunities," Brian Urquhart, International Affairs, 1992.

UN Peacekeepers: Soldiers With a Difference, A. Norton and T. Weiss, Foreign Policy Association, Spring 1990.

Partners for Peace: Strengthening Collective Security for the 21st Century, UN Association of the USA, October 1992, (Woolsey Commission Report).

"New Challenges for UN Military Operations: Implementing an Agenda for Peace," Thomas G. Weiss, The Washington Quarterly, Winter 1993.

The United Nations and Collective Security in the 21st Century, William J. Durch, Strategic Studies Institute, Army War College, February 1993.

Military Organization in the 1990's - A New Logic for War, R.M. Connaughton, Routledge, 1993.

Cooperating for Peace: The Global Agenda for the 1990s and Beyond, Gareth Evans, Allen, and Unwin, 1993.

Multinational Peacekeeping Operations: Background and Effectiveness, David R. Segal and Robert J. Waldman in The Military in New Times: Adapting Armed Forces to a turbulent World, Ed. James Burk, Westview Press, 1993.

The Social Construction of Peacekeeping in America, David R. Segal, Mary Weschler Segal, and Dana P. Eyre, Sociological Forum 7, 1992.

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