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AALPS   Automated Air Load Planning System
AAR   After Action Report
ACA   Airlift Clearance Authority
ACE   Allied Command Europe
ACCIS   ACE Command and Control Information System
ACOM   Atlantic Command
A/DACG   Arrival/Departure Airfield Control Group
ADAMS   Allied Command Europe Deployment Movement System
ADP   Automated Data Process
AELT   Aeromedical Evacuation Liaison Team
AHQ   Ad-Hoc Query
AIS   Automated Information System
AIT   Automated Identification Technology
ALCC   Airlift Coordination Center
ALSS   Advanced Logistic Support Site
AMC   Air Mobility Command
AME   Air Mobility Element
AMOPES   Army Mobilization and Operations Planning System
AMP   Analysis of Mobility Platform
AMS   Automated Manifest System
AO   Area of Operations
AOR   Area of Responsibility
APA   Army Prepositioned Afloat
APOD   Aerial Port of Debarkation
APOE   Aerial Port of Embarkation
APS   Army Prepositioned Stocks
APS-3   Army Prepositioned Stocks - set three (afloat)
ARRC   ACE Rapid Reaction Corps
ASCC   Army Service Component Command
ASG   Area Support Group
ASMB   Area Support Medical Battalion
ATM   Automated Teller Machines
AUEL   Automated Unit Equipment List
BRACE   Base Resource and Capability Estimator
C2   Command and Control
CAA   Command Arrangements Agreement
CATF   Commander Amphibious Task Force
CD   Compact Disk
CENTCOM   Central Command
CF   Causeway Ferry
CINC   Commander-in-Chief
CINCCENT   Commander-in-Chief Central Command
CHE   Container Handling Equipment
CHS   Combat Health Support
CLF   Commander Landing Force
CMOS   Cargo Movement Operating System
COB   Collocated Operating Base
COE   Common Operating Environment
COL   Contingency Operating Location
COMMZ   Communication Zone
COMPASS   Computerized Movement Planning and Status System
CONCAP   Construction Civilian Augmentation Program
CONPLAN   Concept Plan
CONUS   Continental United States
COSCOM   Corps Support Command
CS   Combat Support
CSC   Convoy Support Command
CSG   Corps Support Group
CSS   Combat Service Support
CTC   Cargo Transfer Company
CTG   Composite Transportation Group
DAMMS-R   Department of the Army Movement Management System - Revised
DART   Dynamic Analysis Replanning Tool
DEL   Deployment Equipment List
DHA   Driver Holding Area
DIRMOBFOR   Director of Mobility Forces
DISCOM   Division Support Command
DAO   Division Ammunition Officer
DOD   Department of Defense
DRB   Division Ready Brigade
DSN   Defense Switch Network
DSS   Decision Support System
DTO   Division Transportation Officer
DTS   Defense Transportation System
DTTS   Defense Transportation Tracking System
EAC   Echelons Above Corps
EAD   Echelons Above Division
ELIST   Enhanced Logistics Intratheater Tool
EOD   Explosive Ordnance Disposal
FC   Floating Causeway
FDO   Flexible Deterrent Options
FLO/FLO   Float on Float off
FLS   Forward Logistic Site
FMCC   Force Movement Control Center
FORCEFLO   Force Flow
FORCEGEN   Force Generation
GCCS   Global Command and Control System
GCCS-A   Global Command and Control System-Army
GEOLOC   Geographic Location Codes
GPS   Global Positioning System
GS   General Support
GSORTS   Global Status of Resources and Training Systems
GTN   Global Transportation Network
HET   Heavy Equipment Transporter
HNS   Host Nation Support
HSS   Health Service Support
IBS   Integrated Booking System
ICLF   Improved Container Lifting Frame
ICODE   Integrated Computerized Deployment System
IPB   Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield
ISB   Intermediate Staging Base
ITO   Installation Transportation Officer
ITV   In-transit Visibility
JAOC   Joint Air Operation Center
JDIS   Joint Deployable Intelligence System
JFACC   Joint Force Air Component Commander
JFAST   Joint Flow and Analysis System for Transportation
JFC   Joint Force Commander
JFUB   Joint Facilities Utilization Board
JLOTS   Joint Logistics Over-the-Shore
JMASS   Joint Modeling and Simulation System
JMC   Joint Movement Center
JMCIS   Joint Maritime Command Information System
JOPES   Joint Operation Planning and Execution System
JPEC   Joint Planning and Execution Community


  Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan
JTAV   Joint Total Asset Visibility
JTB   Joint Transportation Board
JTF   Joint Task Force
KBLPS   Knowledge Based Logistics Planning Shell
LAD   Logistics Anchor Desk
LASH   Lighter Aboard Ship
LIPS   Logistics Information Processing System
LMSR   Large Medium Speed Roll-on/Roll-off
LNO   Liaison Officer
LOC   Line of Communication
LOGCAP   Logistics Civilian Augmentation Program
LOTS   Logistics Over-the-Shore
LSE   Logistics Support Element
MA   Marshaling Area
MADCAP   Mobilization and Deployment Capability Assurance Project
MAGTF   Marine Air Ground Task Force
MCA   Movements Control Agency
MCB   Movement Control Battalion
MCO   Movement Control Officer
MCS   Modular Causeway System

Movement Control Team

MDSS   MAGTF Deployment Support System
MEDEVAC   Medical Evacuation
MEE   Mission Essential Equipment
MEF   Marine Expeditionary Force
METL   Mission Essential Task List
METT-TC   Mission, Enemy, Troops, Terrain-Time and Civilian Considerations
MHE   Materiel Handling Equipment
MIDAS   Model for Intertheater Deployment by Air and Sea
MILSTAMP   Military Standard Transportation and Movement Procedures
MOB   Main Operating Base
MOG   Maximum on Ground
MSC   Military Sealift Command
MSEL   Master Scenario Events List
MSL   Military Shipping List
MSR   Main Supply Route
MTMC   Military Traffic Management Command
NATO   North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NBC   Nuclear, Biological, Chemical
NCA   National Command Authorities
NCC   Naval Component Command; Network Control Center
NEO   Noncombatant Evacuation Operation
NEW   Net Explosive Weight
NRG   Notional Requirements Generator
NTC   National Training Center
OMC   Optical Memory Card
OPCON   Operational Control
OPLAN   Operation Plan
OPORD   Operation Order
OPP   Off-Load Preparation Party
OPSEC   Operations Security
POD   Port of Debarkation
POE   Port of Embarkation
POMCUS   Prepositioned Organizational Material Configured in Unit Sets
PORTSIM   Port Simulation
PSA   Port Support Activity
RDA   Requirements Development and Analysis
REFORGER   Return of Forces to Germany
RF   Radio Frequency
RFAS   Reaction Forces Air Staff
RFID   Radio Frequency Identification
RIB   Rapidly Installed Breakwater System
RM   Resource Manager
RO-RO   Roll on-Roll off
RRDF   Roll-on/Roll-off Discharge Facility
RSO&I   Reception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration
RTCH   Rough Terrain Container Handler
S&M   Scheduling and Movement
SAIS   Sea-to-Air Interface Site
SATCOM   Satellite Communications
SLRP   Survey, Liaison, Reconnaissance Party
SMO   Strategic Mobility Officer
SOF   Special Operations Force
SOP   Standing Operating Procedure
SPM   Single Port Manager
SPOD   Seaport of Debarkation
SPOE   Seaport of Embarkation
SSSC   Self Service Supply Center
STAMIS   Standard Army Management Information Systems
SUMMITS   Scenario Unrestricted Mobility Model for Intratheater Simulation
TAA   Tactical Assembly Area
TACC   Tanker Airlift Control Center
TACS   Theater Air Control System
TALCE   Tanker Airlift Control Element
TARGET   Theater Analysis and Preplanning Graphical Execution Toolkit
TAT   To Accompany Troops
TAV   Total Asset Visibility
TC-ACCIS   Transportation Coordinator - Automated Command and Control System
TC-AIMS II   Transportation Coordinator's Automated Information for Movement System II
TCC   Transportation Component Command
TCMD   Transportation Control and Movement Document
TOFM   Theater Opening Force Module
TPFDD   Time Phased Force Deployment Data
TSB   Theater Staging Base
TSC   Theater Support Command
TT Bde   Terminal Transfer Brigade
TTP   Trailer Transfer Point
TUCHA   Type Unit Characteristics
UIC   Unit Identification Code
UMD   Unit Movement Data
UMO   Unit Movement Officer
UMP   Unit Movement Plan


  Unit Line Number
UN   United Nations
USAMC   United States Army Materiel Command
USAMMA   United States Army Medical Materiel Agency
USAREUR   United States Army Europe
USCG   United States Coast Guard
USTRANSCOM   United States Transportation Command
WEAR   Wartime Executive Agency Requirement
WPS   Worldwide Port System
WWMCCS   Worldwide Military Command and Control System


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