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Appendix E

RSO&I Organizations

This Appendix discusses the Army key units, their parent organization, and their major functions.

  E-1. Table E-1 below describes the key Army units and elements supporting RSO&I.

E-1. Army Units and Elements Supporting RSO&I

Organization or Activity Parent Organization Major Functions
Area Movement Control Detachment Movement Control Agency To expedite, coordinate, and supervise transportation support for units, cargo and personnel into, through, and out of an assigned geographic area, and to coordinate transportation movements, diversions, reconsignments, and transfers of units, cargo, and personnel.
Area Support Medical Battalion Corps or EAC
Medical Group
The ASMB provides Echelon I and Echelon HSS to units located in the battalion's AO. It provides C2 for assigned and attached units and medical staff advice and assistance as required. Its functions are centered around three basic principles: treat and RTD; treat and hold (up to 72 hours); and treat and evacuate.
Area Support Medical Company Headquarters and Support
Area Medical Battalion
The ASMC has the overall mission to provide Echelon I and Echelon II HSS to units located in its AO. It is organized into a company headquarters, a treatment platoon, and an ambulance platoon.
Cargo Transfer Company Transportation Terminal
To transship cargo at air, rail, truck, or sea terminals, and hubs, to temporarily hold and stuff/unstuff containers, to supplement cargo/supply handling operations at Combat Service Support activities in Corps and Division areas to alleviate backlogs, and to act as the A/DACG.
Engineer Battalion Headquarters Team Corps or EAC Engineer
Provides command, control, and administrative support for separate engineer companies and engineer teams. This team can C2 three to seven engineer units.
Engineer Battalion, Combat Heavy Corps or EAC Engineer
Provide planning for engineering tasks such as construction, rehabilitation, repair, maintenance, and modification of landing strips, airfields, command posts, main supply routes, supply installations, building structures, bridges and other related tasks as required, generally to the rear of the division.
Engineer Company, Construction Support Engineer Brigade Provide rock crushing, bituminous mixing, paving, and other construction support equipment with operators and thereby increase capabilities of an engineer group in major horizontal construction projects such as roads, storage facilities, and airfields.
Engineer Company, Pipeline Construction Engineer Brigade Provide personnel to support Engineer company pipeline construction, pipe stringing, pipe coupling, storage tank erection, and pump and dispensing facility construction. This company provides advisory personnel to three engineer companies engaged in pipeline construction.
Engineer Company, Port Construction Engineer Brigade Construct, rehabilitate, and maintain offshore facilities including mooring systems, jetties, breakwaters, and other structures required to provide safe anchorage for ocean going vessels. Construct, rehabilitate, and maintain piers, wharves, ramps, and related structures required for cargo loading and off-loading. Construct facilities for RO/RO, breakbulk, and containerized cargo handling. Maintain tanker discharge facilities including repair or replacement or existing POL jetties and submarine pipelines. Provide limited dredging and removal of underwater obstructions. Install offshore petroleum discharge systems in support of Army LOTS operations where no naval units are assigned.
Engineer Detachment, Control and Support Dive Engineer Brigade Provides command, control, and support for one to six diving teams. Provide assistance on harbor and port clearance, development, and maintenance. Supports vessel damage control, maintenance, and repair; offshore petroleum distribution systems; and logistics over-the-shore operations.
Engineer Team, Fire Fighting Headquarters Engineer Brigade Plan fire-fighting and overall fire prevention programs. Control assigned or attached fire-fighting teams.
Engineer Team, Fire Truck Engineer Brigade Fight fires in all types of facilities.
Engineer Team, Lightweight Dive Engineer Brigade Perform hydrographic surveys for bare beach LOTS operations. Inspect and repair underwater port structures. Perform ship husbandry. Assist in salvage operations.
Engineer Team, Power Line Engineer Brigade Can construct and maintain up to 60 miles of high-voltage electric power lines.
Engineer Team, Power Plant Operation and Maintenance Engineer Battalion Headquarters Operates and maintains one Army electric plant (500 KW to 4.5 MW). It also assists in the installation of the electric plant.
Engineer Team, Real Estate Engineer Battalion Headquarters Performs functions incidental to the acquisition, utilization, and disposal of real property required by military forces.
Engineer Team, Utilities (4,000) Engineer Battalion Headquarters Maintains utilities and furnishes utilities service and repair, including maintenance of environmental equipment. It also provides insect control. Can support base, logistical-facility, and LOC development, operations, and maintenance for deployed US forces.
Engineer Team, Water Truck Engineer Battalion Headquarters Transport up to 6,000 gallons of water per trip for fire fighting. Conduct fire-fighting operations.
Finance Detachment Finance Battalion To provide finance services to the TSC Contracting and HNS Module and or the MTMC Port Management Module for paying contractors or HNS elements supporting US Forces.
General Support Maintenance Battalion Corps or EAC Support Group Provides GS and backup DS maintenance to supported units in the COMMZ on an area basis. Maintenance support is provided in the areas of: Communications Equipment Repair, Special Electronics Devices Repair, Utilities Equipment Repair, Power Generation Equipment Repair, Quartermaster/Chemical Equipment Repair, Metalworking, Small Arms Repair, Tank Turret Repair.
Headquarters and Support Company Area Support Medical Battalion Corps or EAC Medical Group Provide medical planning, policies, support operations, and coordination of health services within the area of operations.
Heavy Boat Company HHC, Transportation Terminal Battalion To provide and operate landing craft to transport personnel, containers, vehicles, and outsized cargo during offshore discharge operations, to augment lighterage service in a port or harbor, inland or coastal waters, or between islands, and to provide lighterage service required in joint, amphibious, or other waterborne tactical operations.
HHC Railway Battalion Transportation Railway Group To command, control, and technically supervise assigned or attached units and to operate and maintain railway facilities in a theater of operations.
HHC, Motor Transport Battalion Transportation Group To command, control, and technically supervise transportation units in all types of motor transport missions, including local haul, line haul, terminal clearance, or transfer operations.
HHC, Movement Control Battalion Corps or EAC Support Command Command, control, and technically supervise attached or assigned teams at EAC or Corps engaged in movement control and highway regulation and to provide movement management, highway regulation, and coordination of personnel/materiel movements into, within, and out of the theater.
HHC, Theater Transportation Command Army Component Command Provides command and control operational level of war transportation system and assist the ASCC meet his responsibilities in deployment/repositioning of forces, reception and onward movement of the force, positioning of facilities, movement control, distribution, and redeployment.
HHC, Transportation Composite Group Transportation Terminal Brigade To command and control all assigned operational-level transportation modal and terminal elements.
HHC, Transportation Terminal Battalion Terminal Service Group To command, control, and technically supervise operating units responsible for ocean water terminal operations and inland terminal operations.
LARC LX Detachment Terminal Battalion To transport beach paragraph equipment from ship-to-shore for bare-beach LOTS operations, and to move general cargo from ship-to-shore or to inland transfer points.
Logistics Support Vessel   To transport general and vehicular cargo worldwide (range 8,000 miles); to line haul large quantities of cargo and equipment (capacity 2,000 STONs) intratheater; to provide tactical resupply to remote underdeveloped coastlines and inland waterways; to transport cargo from ship-to-shore in LOTS operations including those in remote areas with unimproved beaches; to provide support to unit deployment and relocation, and to transport cargo from deep draft ships-to-shore ports or to areas too shallow for larger ships.
Medium Boat Company Terminal Battalion To provide and operate landing craft to move personnel and cargo (ship-to-shore) during Army water terminal operations and waterborne tactical operations, and to augment naval craft during joint amphibious operations when required.
Movement Control Agency Corps or EAC Support Command To command, control and technically supervise attached or assigned units and teams engaged in movement control and highway regulation and to provide movement management, highway regulation, and coordination of personnel and materiel movements into, within, and out of the theater.
Movement Control Detachment, Cargo Documentation Transportation Group To provide cargo documentation for transshipping cargo in-theater distribution system inland terminals (water, rail, air, and motor) and hubs.
Movement Regulating Detachment Movement Control Agency To observe, assess, and report progress of tactical and non-tactical transportation movements along main supply routes. To divert cargo and troubleshoot movement problems, to implement changes in unit moves and/or vehicle convoy routings to resolve movement conflicts, and to position ITV RF tag interrogators at theater distribution system movement regulating points.
Ordnance Company, Ammunition (DS) (PLS/MOADS) Corps or EAC Support Group Provide personnel and equipment to operate up to three ASPs and one ammunition transfer point to resupply conventional ammunition in support of force generation operations. Perform direct support maintenance and limited modification of conventional ammunition, components, and containers. Provide emergency destruction of unserviceable conventional ammunition. Provide assistance for EOD personnel in the routine destruction of unserviceable conventional ammunition.
Ordnance Company, Non-divisional Maintenance (DS) Corps or EAC Support Group Provide maintenance on non-divisional equipment to include: automotive, communications-electronics, construction, power generation, chemical, armament, refrigeration, small arms, and general repair. Maintain an ASL and repairable exchange list, to include receipt, storage, and issue of repair parts for all supported unit requirements. Provide wheeled vehicle recovery for supported units.
Port Movement Control Detachment Port Support Activity To expedite the port clearance of cargo and personnel arriving or departing by air or sea, to coordinate (in conjunction with the port commander) transportation support and highway clearance for theater onward movement, and to provide in-transit visibility of units, cargo, and personnel transiting an air or sea port.
Quartermaster Company (Force Provider) EAC or Corps Support Group Provide bare base billeting, dining, shower, latrine, laundry, and MWR support for approximately 3,000 personnel on a 24-hour basis.
Quartermaster Battalion EAC or Corps Support Group Provide bulk water and petroleum products to a theater of operations.
Quartermaster Group EAC or Corps Support Command Provide GS bulk water, petroleum products, and mortuary affairs to a theater of operations.
Rail Operating Company Transportation Railway Battalion To operate railway locomotives and trains, maintain and repair railway track, perform running inspections on rolling stock and diesel-electric locomotives, and perform organizational maintenance on rolling stock and diesel-electric locomotives.
Special Troops Battalion EAC or Corps Support Group To provide theater level services and mortuary affairs.
TC Detachment, Trailer Transfer Point HHC, Motor Transport Battalion To operate a transfer point in conjunction with motor transport line haul operations by receiving, segregating, assembling, reporting, vehicle and cargo arrivals and departures. Inspecting documents, and dispatching loaded or empty trailers for convoys, providing maintenance (emergency repairs) on trucks and trailers, and maintaining POL dispensing facilities for refueling operating equipment.
Terminal Detachment, Port Cargo Operations Transportation Terminal Battalion To augment transportation cargo transfer company sea port operations and to discharge or load in any combination up to 1,500 STONs of breakbulk cargo and/or 300 containers per day. Additionally, to conduct LOTS operations to discharge or load in any combination up to 2,500 STONs of breakbulk cargo or up to 500 containers per day in a fixed sea port operation.
Terminal Team, Automated Cargo Documentation Transportation Terminal Battalion To document cargo being loaded or unloaded in a fixed sea port operation for up to four ships per day or in a LOTS operation for up to two ships per day.
Terminal Team, Contract Supervision Transportation Terminal Battalion Under the operational control of the TSC Contracting and HNS Module/or the MTMC Port Management Module, negotiate, and administer contracts for stevedoring, loading, unloading, terminal clearance, and inland waterway and highway transport operations.
Terminal Team, Freight Consolidation and Distribution Transportation Group or Area Support Group To process up to 100 less-than-car-load shipments daily in a consolidation and distribution point, barge site, rail, truck, or water terminal, to stuff or unstuff up to 25 20-foot containers daily, and to install RF tag interrogators at theater CD points/hubs.
Transportation Harbormaster Operations Detachment Transportation Terminal Battalion To provides operational control for vessel and harbormaster operations and related functions within a water terminal operation area, fixed port, or LOTS on a 24-hour basis.


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