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Appendix D

Army War Reserve Deployment System


This appendix describes the capabilities of AWRDS. AWRDS is the automated system used to transfer property accountability during APL operations.

AWRDS was developed for the AWRSPTCMD as a deployable module of the SDS. It is an automated system designed to facilitate the transfer of responsibility of pre-positioned stocks from AMC to using units. It is capable of supporting rapid military deployment anywhere in the world. It provides the ability to--

  • Build and maintain a database containing APL stocks and equipment data reflecting how the APL stocks are configured.
  • Retrieve information and provide visibility into containers, vehicles, trailers, and multi-pack items on a real-time basis in the form of reports, listings, or data sets.
  • Utilize automated identification technology to collect equipment data and track and maintain changes in cargo configuration.
  • Perform readiness reporting.
  • Track equipment at unit identification code/national stock number (UIC/NSN)/serial number level.

AWRDS exports data to SDS; Total Asset Visibility (TAV); Worldwide Port System (WPS); and retail STAMISs consisting of SPBS-R, SARSS, and ULLS-G. It provides the supply, maintenance, accountability, and equipment data in the proper format to rapidly upload unit or set information into the drawing unit's SPBS-R, ULLS-G, Standard Army Maintenance System (SAMS), and SARSS.


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