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These are the sources quoted or paraphrased in this publication,

Joint and Muitiservice Publications

JCS Pub 1-02. Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. 23 Mar 94.

JCS Pub 3-01.5. Doctrine for Joint Theater Missile Defense. 30 Mar 94.

JCS Pub 3-05. Doctrine for Joint Special Operations. 28 Oct 92.

JCS Pub 3-17. Joint Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Airlift Operations.

JCS Pub 3-52. Doctrine for Joint Airspace Control in the Combat Zone. 3 Dec 93.

JCS Pub 3-56. Tactical Command and Control Planning Guidance and Procedures for Joint Operations. 1 Apr 74.

JCS Pub 3-56.1. Command and Control for Joint Operations. 14 Nov 94.

Army Publications

FM 100-5. Operations. 14 Jun 93.

FM 100-7. Decisive Force: The Army in Theater Operations. 31 May 95.

FM 100-25. Doctrine for Army Special Operations Forces. 12 Dec 91.

FM 101-5. Staff Organization for Operations. 25 May 64.

FM 101-5-1. US Army Operational Terms and Graphics. 21 Oct 85.


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Joint and Muitiservice Publications

FM 90-20/FMFRP 2-72/ACCP 50-28/USAFEP 50-9/PACAFP 50-28. Multiservice Procedures for the Joint Application of Firepower. 11 Feb 94.

FM 100-103-2/FMFRP 5-62/ACCP 50-54/PACAFP 50-54/USAFEP 50-54/NDC TACNOTE 3-56.2. The Theater Air-Ground System, Multiservice Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures. 31 Oct 94.

FM 101-103-l/FMFRP 5-61/NDC TACNOTE 3-52.1/ACCP 50-38/USAFEP 50-38/PACAFPUB 50-38. Multiservice Procedures for Integrated Combat Airspace Command and Control (ICAC 2). 3 Oct 94.

JCS Pub 2-0. Joint Doctrine for Intelligence Support to Operations. 12 Oct 93

JCS Pub 3-0. Doctrine for Joint Operations. 1 Feb 95.

JCS Pub 3-01. Joint Doctrine for Countering Air and Missile Threats (Draft).

JCS Pub 3-03. Doctrine for Joint Interdiction Operations. (Draft).

JCS Pub 3-05.5. Joint Special Operations Targeting and Mission Planning Procedures. 10 Oct 93.

JCS Pub 3-09. Doctrine for Joint Fire Support (Draft).

JCS Pub 3-09.3. Joint Tactics, Techniques and Procedures for Close Air Support.

JCS Pub 3-10. Doctrine for Joint Rear Area Operations. 26 Feb 93.

JCS Pub 3-55. Doctrine for Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition Support for Joint Operations. 14 Apr 93.

JCS Pub 3-56.24. Tactical Command and Control Planning Guidance and Procedures for Joint Operations, Joint Interface Operational Procedures, Message Text Formats. 1 Oct 91.

JCS Pub 4-0. Doctrine for Logistics Support of Joint Operations. 25 Sep 92.

JCS Pub 5-00.2. Joint Task Force Planning Guidance and Procedures. 3 Sep 91.

JCS Pub 6-0. Doctrine for Command, Control, Communications, and Computer (C4) Systems Support to Joint Operations. 30 May 95.

Joint Technical Architecture (JTA). To be published by OSD/C3I.

Air Force Publications

ACC Reg 55-45. Tactical Air Force Headquarters and the Tactical Air Control Center.

ACC Reg 55-46. The Tactical Air Control System (TACS), Air Support Operations Center (ASOC), and Tactical Air Control Parties (TACP).

ACCI 13. Air Operations Center (Vol 3).

AFM 1-1. Basic Aerospace Doctrine of the United States Air Force.

AFM 2-1. Tactical Air Operations, Counterair, Close Air Support, and Air Interdiction.

AFP 200-17. Intelligence - An Introduction to Air Force Targeting.

AFP 200-18, Vol 1. Intelligence - Target Intelligence Handbook, Unclassified Targeting Principles.

JFACC Primer, 2d Edition.

USAFAGOS Joint Air Operations Staff Course (JAOSC) Plan of Instruction (POI).

Army Publications

Army Technical Architecture (ATA), version 4.0. 30 Jan 96.

FM 1-100. Doctrinal Principals for Army Aviation in Combat Operations. 28 Feb 89.

FM 1-111. Aviation Brigades. 27 Aug 90.

FM 6-20. Fire Support in the AirLand Battle, 17 May 88.

FM 6-20-10. Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for the Targeting Process. 8 May 96.

FM 6-20-30. Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures Fire Support for Corps and Division Operations. 18 Oct 89.

FM 34-1. Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations. 27 Sep 94.

FM 44-100. US Army Air Defense Operations. 15 Jun 95.

FM 55-10. Movement Control in a Theater of Operations. 8 Dec 92.

FM 100-12. Army Theater Missile Defense.

FM 100-15. Corps Operations. 13 Sep 89.

FM 100-103. Army Airspace Command and Control. 7 Oct 87.

Navy Publications

NWP 10-1. Composite Warfare Commander's Manual.

NWP 10-2. Strike Operations Against Land Targets.

NWP 11. Naval Operations Planning.

NWP 3-09.11. Supporting Arms in Amphibious Operations.

NWP 32. Anti-Air Warfare.

NWP 3-56.1. JFACC Organization and Processes.

USMC Publications

FMFM 1-1. Warfighting.

FMFM 2-7. Fire Support in MAGTF Operations.

FMFRP 2-12. Marine Air-Ground Task Force: A Global Capability.

FMFM 5-40. Offensive Air Support.

FMFM 5-41. Close Air Support and Close-in Fire Support.

FMFM 5-42. Deep Air Support.

FMFM 5-60. Control of Aircraft and Missiles.

FMFM 6-18. Techniques and Procedures for Fire Support Planning and Coordination.

FMFM 6-18-1. MCFSS Techniques and Procedures.

Allied Publications

ATP-4E. Allied Naval Gunfire Procedures.

Memorandums of Agreement

Between the United States Air Force and the United States Army for Army/Air Force Liaison Support. 1 Nov 95.

Between HQ Air Combat Command, HQ Air Mobility Command, HQ US Army Forces Command, and HQ US Army Training and Doctrine Command for the Assignment, Duties, and Support Guidance for Ground Liaison Officers, Theater Airlift Liaison Officers, Tactical Air Control Parties, and Air Support Operations Center Squadrons. 1 Feb 94, (draft).

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