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Airspace Control Message Formats

JCS Publication 12, Volume IV, Part V, "Message Text Formats," and DA PAM 25-7 provide guidance concerning the use of JINTACCS messages to communicate airspace control information among key addressees of a joint force. Airspace control information is disseminated by the following JINTACCS message formats:

  • Designated area message (DESSIGAREA).
  • Tactical operational data (TACOPDAT).
  • Technical operational data (TECHOPDAT).

The DESIGAREA message (record and voice) is used by the AADC/ACA to establish or cancel airspace control measures. The primary method of transmission to the corps is record with voice as an alternate. This message may also be used as an interim change for the TACOPDAT to define missile engagement zones and air defense sectors.

The TACOPDAT message permits the joint force commander to establish air defense responsibilities in a tactical area, and permits an area air defense commander to provide supplementary orders. This message may be used to report permanent changes to an OPORD or to update missile engagement zones, surveillance and defense sectors and communications nets. The voice message template may be used in lieu of record transmission.

The TECHOPDAT message (voice and record) provides technical data to permit the joint force commander to establish a tactical interface among joint tactical air operations (JTAO) elements. It permits an area air defense commander to provide supplementary information for his area of responsibility. The voice message template may be used in lieu of the record transmission of the TECHOPDAT.

The airspace control order (ACO) is the primary means of the airspace control authority in various theaters (such as NATO Central Region) to desseminate approved airspace control measures. The ACO complements the ATO cycle and may be published several times daily. The ACO is developed by the airspace control center of the TACC. The A²C² personnel within the BCE may assist as required in the development.

Airspace control formats (airspace management formats) are standardized formats employed by the ACA in various theaters to request airspace control measures. Airspace control requests are submitted by any airspace user, through normal operational channels, to the airspace control center at the TACC. Army requests are submitted according to guidance published in the airspace control plan.

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