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Example of Army Airspace
Command and Control Annex to Operation Order

(Change from oral orders, if any)
                                            Copy no____ of____ copies
                                            Issuing headquarters
                                            Place of issue (may be in code)
                                            Date-time group of signature
                                            Message reference number

Annex____(Army Airspace Command and Control) (A²C²) to Operation Order No____

References: Maps, charts, and other relevant documents.

1. SITUATION. Items of information affecting A²C² and air traffic services not included in paragraph 1 of the operations order or which need to be expanded.

a. Enemy Forces.

    (1) Reference intelligence annex, if applicable.

    (2) Enemy air defense and radio electronic combat capabilities.

b. Friendly Forces.

    (1) Outline higher headquarters plan.

    (2) Outline higher and adjacent unit A²C² plans.

    (3) Note additional Army aviation resources supporting the unit and supporting air resources (for example, Air Force, Navy, Allied).

c. Attachments and Detachments. Army aviation resources attached and detached to include effective times, if appropriate.

2. MISSION. A clear, concise statement of the A²C² requirements to support the operation.

ANNEX____ (A²C²) to OPORD No_____


a. Intent. State the commander's intent.

b. Concept of Operations. Appendix____(A²C² Overlay). A brief statement of the A²C² and air traffic services plan, to include the airspace user priorities, authority to be exercised by the maneuver commander, and the A²C² overlay if required.

c. A²C² Organization/Tasks.

d. Air Traffic Services Organization/Tasks, and Flight Rules (IMC/VMC).

e. Coordinating Instructions.

    (1) Instructions applicable to two or more subordinate units, such as positive and procedural control requirements and establishment of control measures and restrictions.

    (2) Reference to supporting appendixes not referenced elsewhere in the annex.

    (3) Air defense instructions/information such as ADA warnings, weapons control statuses, hostile criteria.

    (4) ATS instructions/information such as FOC/FCC locations, location of NAVAIDs.

    (5) Army aviation instructions/information such as FARP locations, airfield location and operating times, and in-flight reporting procedures.

    (6) Fire support instructions/information such as fire support coordination line, restricted fire areas.

    (7) A²C² control measures or restrictions such as low-level transit routes, standard Army aircraft flight routes, coordinating altitudes.

    (8) Hostile and friendly aircraft data.

    (9) Liaison requirements.


5. COMMAND AND SIGNAL. Acknowledgment instructions.

                                                   Last name of Commander



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