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This manual is a guide for commanders, staff officers, and other persons concerned with planning, organizing, and operation an Army petroleum distribution supply system in a theater of operations. Concepts and doctrine are presented to enable the planner to design a responsive petroleum supply system that will insure that units are organized and equipped to provide necessary petroleum support to US forces.


Doctrine for the development and operation of a theater petroleum supply system is discussed separately for a developed and an undeveloped theater of operations. Responsibilities for the command, control, and operational missions of petroleum units operating in the theater of operations are discussed in detail. Quality surveillance of petroleum products and petroleum safety measures, critical to petroleum supply operations, are treated in separate chapters. Packaged petroleum products (for example, lubricants, greases, and specialty items in containers of 55 gallons or less) are not discussed in detail. The doctrine included in this manual is oriented toward operations in a tactical theater and may not relate directly to normal peacetime garrison operations. Responsibilities of both management and operators are discussed, and the systems described are applicable to both conventional and chemical or nuclear warfare. This manual may not be cited as authority for requested personnel or equipment.

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