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The following references should be checked frequently for the latest changes or revisions relating to material covered in this manual.

Army Regulations (ARs)

AR 1-35 Basic Policies and Principles for Interservice, Interdepartmental, and Interagency Support

AR 11-27 Army Energy Program

AR 190-51 Security of Army Property at Unit and Installation Level

AR 310-25 Dictionary of United States Army Terms

AR 310-50 Catalog of Abbreviations and Brevity Codes

AR 415-22 Protection of Petroleum Installations and Related Facilities

AR 420-49 Heating, Energy Selection and Fuel Storage, Distribution, and Dispensing Systems

AR 700-36 Oversea Laboratories for Support of Quality Surveillance on Petroleum Products

AR 703-1 Coal and Petroleum Products Supply and Management Activities

AR 710-1 Centralized Inventory Management of the Army Supply System

AR 710-3 Asset and Transaction Reporting System

AR 715-27 Petroleum Procurement Quality Assurance Manual

Department of the Army Pamphlets (DA Pams)

DA Pam 310-1 Consolidated Index of Army Publications and Blank Forms (Fiche)

Field Manuals (FMs)

FM 3-87(HTF) Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Reconnaissance and Decontamination Operations

FM 5-162 Engineer Construction and Construction Support Units

FM 10-18 Petroleum Terminal and Pipeline Operations

FM 10-20 Organizational Maintenance: Military Petroleum Pipelines, Tanks, and Related Equipment

FM 10-68 Aircraft Refueling

FM 10-69 Petroleum Supply Point Equipment and Operations

FM 10-70 Inspecting and Testing Petroleum Products

FM 10-71 Petroleum Tank Vehicle Operations

FM 10-72 Petroleum Testing Facilities: Laboratories and Kits

FM 10-207 Pipeline and Terminal Operating Company

FM 10-227 Petroleum Supply Company

FM 19-4 Military Police Combat Support, Theater of Operations

FM 19-30 Physical Security

FM 20-33 Combat Flame Operations

FM 21-40 NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) Defense

FM 29-10 Supply Management in the Field Army

FM 29-45 General Support Supply and Service in the Field Army

FM 29-50 Direct Support Supply and Field Services

FM 31-85 Rear Area Protection (RAP) Operations

FM 41-10 Civil Affairs Operation

FM 54-2 The Division Support Command and Separate Brigade Support Battalion

FM 54-7 Theater Army Logistics

FM 54-9 Corps Support Command

FM 54-10 Logistics: An Overview of the Total System

FM 55-1 Army Transportation Services in a Theater of Operations

FM 55-10 Army Movement Management Units and Procedures

FM 55-20 Army Rail Transport Operations and Units

FM 55-30 Army Motor Transport Units and Operations

FM 55-50 Army Water Transport Operations

FM 55-60 Army Terminal Operations

FM 100-10 Combat Service Support

FM 101-5 Staff Officers' Field Manual: Staff Organization and Procedure

FM 101-10-1 Staff Officers' Field Manual: Organizational, Technical, and Logistical Data (Unclassified Data)

Technical Manuals (TMs)

TM 3-220 Chemical, Biological, and Radiological (CBR) Decontamination

TM 5-301-1 Army Facilities Components System--Planning (Temperate)

TM 5-301-2 Army Facilities Components System--Planning (Tropical)

TM 5-301-3 Army Facilities Components System--Planning (Frigid)

TM 5-301-4 Army Facilities Components System--Planning (Desert)

TM 5-302-1 Army Facilities Components System: Designs; Vol I

TM 5-302-2 Army Facilities Components System: Designs; Vol II

TM 5-303 Army Facilities Components System--Planning Logistic Data and Bills of Materials

TM 5-343 Military Petroleum Pipeline Systems

TM 10-1163 ASTM Manual for Rating Motor, Diesel, and Aviation Fuels

TM 10-1165 Significance of ASTM Tests for Petroleum Products

TM 55-500 Marine Equipment Characteristics and Data

Technical Bulletin (TB)

TB SIG 322-43 Fixed Signal Communication Facility Program: Coded Facility 43; Military POL Pipeline Communications System, 1 Section, 45 to 120 Miles

Joint Chiefs of Staff Publications (JCS Pubs)

JCS Pub 2 (o) Unified Action Armed Forces (UNAAF)

JCS Pub 3, Vol 1 (c) Joint Logistics and Personnel Policy and Guidance (U)

Military Handbooks

Military Handbooks are available from
Naval Publications and Forms Center,
5801 Tabor Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 19120

MIL-HDBK-200 Quality Surveillance Handbook for Fuels, Lubricants, and Related Products

MIL-HDBK-201 Petroleum Operations

Tables of Organization and Equipment (TOEs)

TOE 5-129 Engineer Port Construction Company

TOE 5-177 Engineer Pipeline Construction Support Company

TOE 10-202 Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, Petroleum Group

TOE 10-206 Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Petroleum Pipeline and Terminal Operating Battalion

TOE 10-207 Petroleum Pipeline and Terminal Operating Company

TOE 10-226 Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, Petroleum Supply Battalion

TOE 10-227 Petroleum Supply Company

TOE 10-560 Petroleum Supply and Operations Teams

TOE 19-97 Military Police Security Company

TOE 29-146 Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Supply and Service Battalion

TOE 29-147 Supply and Service Company, Direct Support

TOE 29-449 Labor Service Company

TOE 55-18 Transportation Medium Truck Company

TOE 55-84 Transportation Motor Transport Company, Supply and Transport Battalion, Infantry Division (Mechanized)

TOE 55-87 Transportation Motor Transport Company, Supply and Transport Battalion, Armored Division

TOE 55-88 Transportation Motor Transport Company, Supply and Transport Battalion, Infantry Division


Supply Bulletins are available from
US Army AG Publications Center
2800 Eastern Blvd.
Baltimore, Md. 21220

SB 710-2 Supply Control: Combat Consumption Rates for Ground and Aviation Type Petroleum Products

DOD Manuals and Military Standards are available from
Naval Publications and Forms Center,
5801 Tabor Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 19120

DOD Manual 4140.25-M Procedures for Management of Petroleum Products

MIL-STD-105* Sampling Procedures and Tables for Inspection by Attributes

MIL-STD-140* Procedures for Determining Normal Loss Expectancies for Petroleum Liquids

MIL-STD-161* Identification Methods for Bulk Petroleum Products Systems Including Hydrocarbon Missile Fuels

MIL-STD-290* Packaging of Petroleum and Related Products

MIL-STD-457* Frequency for Inspection and Cleaning of Petroleum Fuel Operating and Storage Tanks

COMSC Instructions are available from
Commander, Military Sealift Command,
Washington, D.C. 20390

COMSC Instructions

COMSC Instr 3121.3* Tanker Operating Instructions

Federal Test Method Standards are available from
US Government Printing Office
Washington, D.C. 20402

Federal Test Method Standard 791* Lubricants, Liquid Fuels, and Related Products; Methods of Testing


*DA Form 5463-R Petroleum Products--Tank Farm Outturn Record

*DA Form 5464-R Petroleum Products--Pipeline Leakage Report

DA Form 3643 Daily Issues of Petroleum Products

DA Form 3644 Monthly Abstract of Issues of Petroleum Products and Operating Supplies

DA Form 4193 Petroleum Products Pump Station Hourly Operations Record

DA Form 4702-R Monthly Bulk Petroleum Accounting Summary

DA Form 4786 Petroleum Products--Tank Farm Intake Record

DA Form 4818 Petroleum Products--Pump Station Operation Log

DA Form 5038 Petroleum Products--Package Area Inventory

DD Form 250-1 Tanker/Barge Material Inspection and Receiving Report

*Latest Revision

Related STANAGS: STANAGs 2135, Procedures for Requesting and Providing Logistics Assistance to Allies; 3149, Minimum Quality Surveillance of Petroleum Products; and 3756, Equipment for Receipt and Delivery of Liquid Fuels, contain subject matter related to materials in this field manual.

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