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This part provides guidance for Army aircraft refueling operations including doctrine for refueling safety. It provides an overview of procedures to be used by aircrews, ground crews, and other refueling point personnel during aircraft refueling and defueling. Step-by-step procedures of specific tasks can be found in the appropriate MTP and STP. This part is oriented toward operations at temporary and forward area refueling points. However, the chapters on quality surveillance and aircraft refueling and defueling concern all Army aircraft refueling operations. Chapters in this part describe the dangers associated with aviation fuels and refueling operations. Included in these chapters are the procedures that should be used to ensure the safety of personnel, equipment, and the ecological environment and the guides for developing an effective training program.

Note: In most small helicopters, the fill port is on the right and the pilotís exit is to the right, so an accident at the nozzle could block the pilotís escape route. The copilotís exit is to the left; therefore, he usually operates the aircraft during refueling. Throughout these chapters, when the pilot is referred to, both the pilot and copilot are included.

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