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Preparing for Delivery

  • Has gaging, sampling, and measuring equipment been cleaned and checked?
  • Has receiving tank been gaged to determine if there is enough room to receive the scheduled quantity?

Prior to Unloading

  • Have the vendor’s delivery documents been checked for completeness?
  • Has the delivery conveyance been spotted at the correct location?
  • Has adequate fire extinguishers and NO SMOKING signs been positioned?
  • Has the delivery conveyance been properly bonded and grounded and inspected for leaks or other defects?
  • Have the cargo hatch and valve seals been inspected for defects?
  • Have the cargo hatches been opened to determine level of product?
  • Is product clear and bright as viewed through a clean jar?
  • Has the delivery tank been checked for eater using water-finding paste on the gage stick or tape?
  • Has cargo temperature been determined a time of delivery?
  • Has the cargo tank been gaged to determine quantity?
  • Has the measured quantity been volume corrected to 60°F IAW DA Pamphlet 710-2-2?
  • Have quantity surveillance samples been taken?

During Unloading Operations

  • Are receiving personnel and the driver of the conveyance standing by?
  • Is traffic being controlled to avoid the unloading area as much as possible?
  • Are dispersing operations discontinued during unloading operations?

After Cargo is Unloaded

  • Has the delivery conveyance been inspected to ensure the cargo tank is completed empty?
  • Have the vehicle ground been disconnected and the discharge hoses secured?
  • Have product spills been cleaned up IAW with current regulations?
  • Has the receiving tank been gaged?

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