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AAR after action review

ACR armored cavalry regiment

ADC area damage control

AMDF Army Master Data File

ANCD automated net control devices

API American Petroleum Institute

AR Army Regulation

ARTEP Army training and evaluation program

ASCC Army Service Component Commander

ASG Area Support Group

ASP ammunition supply point

ASTM American Society for Testing and Material

bde brigade

bn battalion

btu beach termination unit

C Celsius

CEOI communications electronics operation instruction

cmd command

CMMC Corps Support Command Materiel Management

co company

COB command operating budget

comm communications

COMMZ communications zone

COMSEC communications security

CONUS continental United States

COSCOM corps support command

CS combat support

CSG corps support group

CTA common table of allowances

DA Department of the Army

det detachment

DFR Defense Fuel Region

DFSC defense fuel supply center

DISCOM division support command

distr distribution

DLOGS division logistics system

DMMC division support command materiel management center

DDN defense data network

DMS defense message system

DNVT digital nonsecure voice terminal

DSVT digital secure voice terminal

DOD Department of Defense

DS direct support

EAC Echelon above Corps

ECAS Environmental Compliance Assessment System

EPMS enlisted personnel management system

EPW enemy prisoner of war

F Fahrenheit

fac facilities

FAWPSS Forward Area Water Point Supply System

FE front end

fld field

FM field manual; frequency modulated

FORSCOM Forces Command

FPF final protective fire

FSB forward support battalion

FSSP fuel system supply point

FTMS federal test methods standard

FWD forward

gp group

gpd gallons per day

gph gallons per hour

gpm gallons per minute

GRC ground radio communications

GRREG graves registration

GS general support

HAZCOM hazardous communications

HAZMIN hazardous waste minimization

HF high frequency

HHC headquarters and headquarters company

HHD headquarters and headquarters detachment

HQ headquarters

HW hazardous waste

IAW in accordance with

IPB intelligence preparation of the battlefield

IPDS inland petroleum distribution system

JPO Joint Petroleum Office

JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff

LOTS logistics over the shore

MARKS Modern Army Recordkeeping System

MCC movement control center

MCI meal, combat, individual

mdm medium

METL Mission Essential Task List

MIL-HDBK military handbook

MMC Materiel Management Center

MOPP mission-oriented protection posture

MOS military occupational specialty

MSB main supply battalion

MSE mobile subscriber equipment

msn mission

MSR main supply route

MTP mission training plan

NBC nuclear, biological, chemical

NCO noncommissioned officer

NCOIC noncommissioned

NCS net control station officer in charge

NEPA National Environmental Policy Act

NVIS near vertical incidence skywave

op operations/operating

OPDS offshore petroleum discharge system

OPLAN operations plan

OPORD operations

PBO property book officer

PDC personnel data card

petrl petroleum

petrl op petroleum operations

pl pipeline

PLL prescribed load list

plt platoon

po pipeline operating

POC point of contact

pol petroleum, oils and lubricants

PPM parts per million

press pressure

PS power source

PSNCO personnel services non-commissioned officer

purif purification

qual quality

qrf quick reaction force

RAOC rear area operational commander

RAU radio access unit

RAP rear area protection

RAS rear area security

RBECS revised battlefield electronics CEOI system

ROWPU reverse osmosis water purification unit

rqmts requirements

S&S supply and service

S1 Adjutant (US Army)

S2/S3 Operations, Training, and Intelligence Officer (uS Army)

S4 supply Officer (US Army)

SB supply bulletin

sec section

SEN small extension node

sep separate

SIDPERS Standard Installation/ Division Personnel System

SINCGARS single channel ground airborne radio system

SM soldiers manual

SMFT semi-trailer mounted fabric tank

SOI signal operation instructions

SOP standing operating procedure

spt support

STP soldier training publication

sub subordinate

suct suction

sup supply

surv surveillance

svc service

TA theater army

TAACOM Theater Army Area Command

TAMCA Theater Army Movement Control Agency

TAMMC Theater Army Materiel Management Center

TAMMS The Army Maintenance Management System

TC training circular

tk truck

TM technical manual

tml terminal

tng training

TOE table of organization and equipment

TPT tactical petroleum terminal

trans transportation

TWDS tactical water distribution systems

UCMJ Uniform Code of Military Justice

ULLS-S4 unit level logistics system, S-4 module

UMR unit manning report

UMT unit ministry team

US United States

USA United States Army

USAF United States Air Force

USMC United States Marine Corps

USN United States Navy

VRC vehicle radio communications

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