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Table D-1. Classes of Supply

Class I Subsistence and gratuitous health and welfare items.
Class II Clothing, individual equipment, tentage, organizational tool sets and kits, hand tools, administrative and housekeeping supplies and equipment.
Class III POL: petroleum fuels, lubricants, hydraulic and insulating oils, preservatives, liquids and gases, bulk chemical products, coolants, deicer and antifreeze compounds, components and additives of petroleum and chemical products, and coal.
Class IV Construction materials, including installed equipment, and all fortification and barrier materials.
Class V Ammunition of all types (including chemical, radiological, and special weapons), bombs, explosives, mines, fuses, detonators, pyrotechnics, missiles, rockets, propellants, and other associated items.
Class VI Personal-demand items such as candy, cigarettes, soap, and cameras (nonmilitary sales items).
Class VII Major end items such as launchers, tanks, mobile machine shops, and vehicles.
Class VIII Medical materiel, including repair parts peculiar to medical equipment.
Class IX Repair parts and components required for maintenance, including kits, assemblies, and subassemblies--reparable or nonreparable.
Class X Material to support nonmilitary programs such as agriculture and economic development (not included in Classes I through IX).
Miscellaneous Water, maps, salvage, and captured material.

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