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Lesson 1

Practice Exercise
Answer Key and Feedback

1. Preparation for civil disturbance control operations need only be concerned with control of violent confrontations.

A. True.
B. False.
2. Which of the following is true concerning a crowd? A crowd _____

A. has no common bond.
B. always has potential for violence.
C. always gathers for a purpose.
D. is not easily swayed by emotional appeal.
3. Disorder which seeks to destroy existing social system as a means of reform is a description of?

A. political behavior.
B. radicalism.
C. social evolutionary process.
D. affection.
4. You are preparing for civil disturbance training. It is important that troops are able to recognize the stages of a civil disturbance. These stages are:

A. basic problems, socioeconomic problems, rise in tension, high tension, and initial violence.
B. political incidents, basic problems, tension, high tension, and initial violence.
C. basic problems, rise in tension, high tension, initial violence, and spread of violence.
D. tension, political incidents, initial violence, basic problems, spread of violence.
5. The loss of individual identity in a crowd describes--

A. impersonality.
B. social personality.
C. anonymity.
D. behavioral unaccountability.

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