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The following items will test your grasp of the material covered in this lesson. There is only one correct answer for each item. When you have completed the exercise, check your answers with the answer key that follows. If you answer any item incorrectly, study again that part of the lesson which contain the portion involved.

1. The Soviet's intercontinental ballistic missiles are organic to which of the following?

a. National air defense forces.
b. Air force.
c. Strategic rocket forces.
d. Ground forces.

2. The bombing of strategic targets, enemy missile sites, nuclear arsenals, naval bases, strategic bomber bases, and war industries is the mission of which of the following?

a. Frontal aviation.
b. Long-range aviation.
c. Military transport aviation.
d. None of the above.

3. Aviation of the front is comparable to which USAF organization?

a. MAO.
b. TAC.
c. SAC.
d. None of the above.

4. Naval infantry brigade are found with which of the following?

a. The Soviet Navy.
b. Soviet ground forces.
c. Soviet special forces.
d. Both a and b.

5. The main combat power of the Soviet ground forces is deployed under combined arms commands and centered in which of the following?

a. Artillery and air defense divisions.
b. Tank and armored personnel divisions.
c. Motorized rifle and tank divisions.
d. Nuclear and chemical capability of the Strategic Rocket Forces.

6. The mission of the radio-electronic combat units assigned to the Front will be to target or jam at least __________ percent of the enemy's key electronic emitters.

a. 30.
b. 40.
c. 60.
d. 75.

7. Three motorized rifle regiments, one tank regiment, one artillery regiment, and one SAM regiment are the basic units of which of the following?

a. Tank division.
b. Combined arms army.
c. Motorized rifle division.
d. Tank army.

8. The tank battalion of a motorized rifle regiment of an MRD and TD has ____ medium tanks.

a. 31.
b. 40.
c. 51.
d. 60.

9. BEAR, BISON, BADGER, BLINDER, and BACKFIRE are all examples of assets belonging to which of the following?

a. Long-range aviation of the Soviet Air Force.
b. Soviet ground forces.
c. National air defense force.
d. Military transport aviation.

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