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Table of





AAU Add-on Audio Unit
ACE Analytic and Control Element
ADA Air Defense Artillery
ADSID Air Deliverable Seismic Intrusion Device
AEB Aerial Exploitation Battalion
AFC Armored Fighting Vehicle
APC Armored Personnel Carrier
ASAS All-Source Analysis System
ASIS All-Source Intelligence Section
ASP Ammunition Supply Point
ASPS All-Source Production Section
AO Area of Operations
BA Battlefield Area
BM Bench Mark
CAA Combined Arms Army
C&D Cover and Deception
CP Command Post
CTOC Corps Tactical Operations Center
DAG Division Artillery Group
DASC Direct Air Support Center
DF Direction Finding
DISE Deployable Intelligence Support Element
DSID Disposable Seismic Intrusion Device
DTG Date-Time-Group
DTOC Division Tactical Operations Center
EA Electronic Attack
EMID Electromagnetic Intrusion Detector
EP Electronic Protection
ES Electronic Support
EW Electronic Warfare
FA Field Artillery
FAC Forwarded Air Controller
FAIO Field Artillery Intelligence Officer
FEBA Forward Edge of the Battle Area
FIST Fire Support Teams
FLOT Forward Line of Own Troops
FS Fire Support
FSE Fire Support Element
FSO Fire Support Officer
HF High Frquency
HVT High Value Target
IEW Intelligence and Electronic Warfare
INTREP Intelligence Report
INTSUM Intelligence Summary
IPB Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield
IR Information Requirements
LTIOV Latest Time Information Will Be of Value
MAGID Magnetic Intrusion Detector
MI Military Intelligence
MINSID Miniaturized Seismic Intrusion Device
OB Order of Battle
OPSEC Operations Security
PERINTREP Periodic Intelligence Report
PIR Priority Intelligence Requirements
RAG Regimental Artillery Group
REC Radio Electronic Combat (not a US term)
REMS Remote Sensors
RF Radio Frequency
SASO Stability and Support Operation
SIGINT Signals Intelligence
SIGSEC Signal Security
SLAR Side-Looking Airborne Radar
SOP Standing Operating Procedures
STANO Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Night Observation
SUPINTREP Supplementary Intelligence Report
TAA Tactical Air Army
TAB Target Acquisition Battery
TFS Tactical Fighter Squadron
TI Tactical Intelligence
TOC Tactical Operations Center
TOE Tables of Organization and Equipment
TSO Tactical Surveillance Officer
TVA Target Value Analysis
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