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Lesson 3

Practice Exercise

Instructions The following items will test your understanding of the material covered in this lesson. There is only one correct answer for each item. When you have completed the exercise, check your answers with the answer key that follows. If you answer any item incorrectly, review that part of the lesson which contains the portion involved.

1. The Multipurpose Individual Munition (MPIM) will allow the individual soldier to engage targets and exploit his own firepower without dependence upon

A. lightly armored vehicles.
B. specialized support weapons.
C. ammunition storage.
2. Other than wheeled armored personnel carriers, which of the following is the most likely combat vehicle that US infantrymen may encounter in the Third World in the near future (1997-2007)?

A. Tracked armored personnel carriers.
B. Armored reconnaissance vehicles.
C. Infantry fighting vehicles.
D. All-terrain scout cars.
3. You identify a combat vehicle as the North Korean M-1973. This vehicle is a(n)

A. Wheeled armored personnel carrier.
B. Tracked armored personnel carrier.
C. Armored reconnaissance vehicle.
D. Infantry fighting vehicle.
4. The most widely used tracked armored personnel vehicle is the

A. BTR-50.
B. YW 531.
C. M3 half truck.
D. M113.
5. The M113 will appear on the battlefield in groups of how many vehicles?

A. Two.
B. Two or three.
C. Three.
D. Three or four.
6. The BMP-1 was or is produced in the USSR, China, and

A. Cuba.
B. Czechoslovakia.
C. Iraq.
D. North Korea.


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