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Practice Exercise
Lesson 2

Instructions The following items will test your understanding of the material covered in this lesson. There is only one correct answer for each item. When you have completed the exercise, check your answers with the answer key that follows. If you answer any item incorrectly, review that part of the lesson which contains the portion involved.

General Situation: You are an infantry officer on a NATO sponsored FTX in North Africa. It is important that you recognize the various capabilities and recognition features of light armored vehicles used by friendly forces. Use this general situation to answer the questions in this practice exercise.

Figure 2-20.

1. While observing water traffic at a river, you see three vehicles like the one shown in Figure 2-20 approach the gently sloping river bank. Without preparation, the vehicles enter the river and ford amphibiously. You identify the vehicles as

A. LVTP7 amphibious assault vehicles.
B. Commando V-150s.
C. AMX 10P infantry combat vehicles.
D. LAV 25 light armored vehicles.
2. The vehicles you identified in Figure 2-20 are in service with which of the following countries.

A. Australia.
B. Austria.
C. Germany.
D. Italy.

Figure 2-21.

3. While observing the same river, you see two vehicles like the one shown in Figure 2-21. These vehicles approach the river, stop, and erect a flotation screen before entering the river and fording amphibiously. You identify these vehicles as

A. LAV 25s.
B. Marder ICVs.
C. FV432 APCs.
D. LVTP5A1s.
4. The vehicle shown in Figure 2-21 has a 7.62-mm GPMG or a 7.62-mm Bren LMG. When it has the GPMG, how many rounds of ammunition does it carry?

A. 1,200.
B. 1,400.
C. 1,600.
D. 2,000.

Figure 2-22.

5. While observing operations, you observe a number of tracked vehicles like one in Figure 2-22 dismount infantry troops through a ramp at the rear. These vehicles are

A. Commando V300s.
B. Marder ICVs.
C. Renault VAB APCs.
D. M2 Bradleys.
6. The vehicle in Figure 2-22 has a 20-mm cannon. A feature of this Rheinmetall MK 20 Rh 202 cannon is that it has

A. three different belts feeding it.
B. a fully automatic target acquisition system.
C. a coaxially mounted 40-mm grenade launcher.
D. an extremely slow rate of fire for 20-mm gun.

Figure 2-23.

7. You are planning an exercise using various allied units. The vehicle shown in Figure 2-23 has which of the following characteristics or capabilities?

A. Top speed of 90 km/h.
B. Can ford amphibiously.
C. Carries 12 passengers.
D. Can mount a .732-meter vertical step.
8. You identify the vehicle in Figure 2-23 as a

A. Marder.
B. Ferret.
C. Scorpion.
D. Lynx.