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Practice Exercise
Lesson 4

Instructions The following items will test your understanding of the material covered in this lesson. There is only one correct answer for each item. When you have completed the exercise, check your answers with the answer key that follows. If you answer any item incorrectly, review that part of the lesson which contains the portion involved.

1. All Army ADA units not organic or specifically assigned to corps and divisions are normally assigned to _____________.

2. Which is the only deployed TAADCOM?

A. 16th AADCOM.
B. 21st TAADCOM.
C. 28th TAADCOM.
D. 32nd AADCOM.
3. How many firing batteries make up a Patriot battalion?

A. Two.
B. Four.
C. Six.
D. Eight.
4. Which platoon in a Patriot firing battery includes a decoy section?

A. Headquarters.
B. Maintenance.
C. Fire control.
D. Launcher.
5. An ADA signal operations battalion consists of up to how many brigade signal operating companies?

A. Three.
B. Four.
C. Five.
D. Six.

Answer Key and Feedback



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