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15 kinds of border activities to be banned in Tibet

PLA Daily

Source: China Military Online
Editor: Xu Yi

2021-04-07 17:53:49

BEIJING, Apr. 7 -- The official WeChat account of Tibet Daily issued a notice about bans on 15 kinds of border activities in the Tibet Autonomous Region on April 6.

Formulated in accordance with China's Criminal Law, Law on Penalties for Administration of Public Security, Exit and Entry Administration Law and other laws, regulations and related policy documents, the notice is jointly issued by several departments involving public security, commerce, tourism and foreign affairs in the Tibet Autonomous Region, aiming to strengthen the border control and maintain the security and stability in border areas.

According to the notice, the following border activities will be strictly prohibited:

I. Without a valid border pass or relevant approval, entering the border control areas, border zones, as well as specific areas, restricted military areas, forbidden military areas and areas with "No Entry" signs along the border, is prohibited.

II. Rejecting and evading border inspection are prohibited.

III. Forgery, alteration, trading, fraudulent acquisition and use of various border passes are prohibited.

IV. Organizing or transporting, taking in, or harbouring people without valid border pass or relevant approval to pass through the border control area are prohibited.

V. Funding, assisting, organizing, or transporting others to cross the border illegally are prohibited.

VI. Surveying and mapping, prospecting, mining, logging, blasting, conducting scientific investigation, mountaineering, and other activities without relevant authorities' approval in border control areas, restricted military areas and forbidden military areas are prohibited.

VII. Carrying, transporting and disseminating prohibited books, pictures, audiovisual products, electronic products, etc., which may endanger national security and undermine national unity, are prohibited.

VIII. Without authorization, flying "low, slow and small" unmanned aircraft vehicles, and disposing unidentified aircrafts, flying objects, floating objects or other suspicious objects are prohibited.

IX. Hunting, collecting and smuggling national protected rare animals and plants are prohibited.

X. Damaging, moving and dismantling the facilities of transportation, communication, water conservancy, hydrology, electricity, surveying and mapping, border defense, and protection of land resources on the front line of the state (border) line without authorization are prohibited.

XI. Damaging or moving or dismantling the state (border) boundary markers and the topographic markers of the state (border) location without authorization, building facilities that affect the direction or clearness of the state (border) boundary without authorization, and engraving on or altering the state (border) boundary markers are prohibited.

XII. Damaging military installations, interfering with military communications, stealing military communication lines and equipment, attacking forbidden military areas, and disrupting the order of restricted military areas are prohibited.

XIII. Obtaining relevant confidential information and materials through photographing, recording and other methods without the relevant authorities' approval are prohibited.

XIV. Obstructing, abusing, or insulting the staff of state organs in performing their official duties according to law are prohibited.

XV. Engaging in other activities that endanger the border order is prohibited.

According to the notice, anyone who violates these above-mentioned prohibitions will be held accountable according to law, and transferred to the judicial authorities if the action constitutes a crime.

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