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Global Times

FM slams US political manipulation on Tibet issues, points to improvement in people's lives

Global Times

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/12/8 18:28:32

The Chinese Foreign Ministry slammed stigmatization from a US "special coordinator for Tibetan issues" on Tuesday, stressing that the political manipulation aims to meddle in China's internal affairs and destroy the steady development of Tibet.

China has always firmly opposed and never acknowledged the so-called "special coordinator for Tibetan issues," said foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying.

Hua was responding to the US "special coordinator for Tibetan issues" Robert Destro's recent remarks, calling on US' allies to pass the "Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act," smearing China for destroying the language and culture of Tibetan, Uygur and Kazak people in China.

"The act has seriously violated international norms and rules, which is also a brutal interference in China's internal affairs," said Hua.

Hua said that China has always welcomed foreigners to visit and do business in Tibet Autonomous Region, and this won't change as long as they observe China's law and related regulations.

Diplomats from more than 20 countries have recently visited Tibet Autonomous Region, and all gave positive comments on Tibet's achievements in economic and social development in recent years. Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and the last two US ambassadors to China have both visited Tibet and made positive comments on the Chinese government's efforts in safeguarding freedom of religious belief and protecting traditional Chinese culture, Hua said.

"It is nonsense to say that China is obliterating the languages, cultures and religions of ethnic minorities. At present, nearly 200 million Chinese of all ethnic groups are religious believers, and more than 380,000 clerical personnel have translated and published various religious books into multiple languages," said Hua.

"Recently, Tashi Dingzhen, a Tibetan youth from Litang, Sichuan Province, became an Internet sensation. As the tourism image ambassador of Ganzi, he made live broadcasts on the Internet and taught netizens simple Tibetan. Many stars from Xinjiang shine on the stage and are welcomed by people of all ethnic groups in China. The lives of China's ethnic minorities are getting better, their hometowns are developing and their culture is being passed on, which is a fact for all to see," said Hua.

We urge the US to stop using Tibet as a card to interfere in China's internal affairs, undermine the development and stability of Tibet, and refrain from providing any support for anti-China separatist activities for Tibetan independence forces, said Hua.

"China will take all necessary measures to safeguard its interests. We also believe that the international community will not be deceived by the lies of some anti-China politicians in the US," she added.

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