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People's Daily Online

Implement consensus, handle differences properly to bring China-India relations back on right track: Chinese envoy

People's Daily Online

(Xinhua) 10:10, July 11, 2020

NEW DELHI, July 10 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Ambassador to India Sun Weidong said on Friday that China and India should implement consensus and handle differences properly to bring the bilateral relations back on the right track.

"It is even more important to firmly grasp the consensus reached by our two leaders when the bilateral relations are overshadowed," Sun said in video remarks on current China-India relations.

"I believe as long as we follow the guidance of our two leaders, implement the consensus reached by the Special Representatives, focus on friendship and cooperation, defuse suspicion and misgivings, and properly handle differences and sensitive issues, we will be able to address challenges we are facing and bring the bilateral relations back on the right track for a sound and steady development," he said.

Sun made the remarks after the Special Representatives of the China-India Boundary Question, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Indian National Security Adviser Ajit Doval had a conversation over the phone on July 5 and reached a positive consensus on easing the current border situation.

"Currently, our front line troops are disengaging on the ground in accordance with the consensus reached by the Military Corp Commander talks," he said.

Sun noted that against the backdrop of what recently happened at Galwan Valley, some quarters in India raised doubts about the consensus reached by the two leaders and have wrong perception of the direction of China-India relations, bringing disruptions to the bilateral relationship.

Clarifying some fundamental points, Sun said China and India should be partners, rather than rivals.

"For both China and India, achieving development and revitalization is the top priority where we share long-term strategic interests," he said.

Since the 1990s, China and India have reached an important consensus that the two countries pose no threat to each other.

During the Wuhan Informal Summit in 2018, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again stressed that the two countries provide each other with development opportunities instead of posing threats, which the two sides should adhere to.

"This is the fundamental judgment on China-India relations, charting the course for the development of our bilateral relations," Sun said.

"Only through correct view of each other's intentions with a positive, open and inclusive attitude, we can ensure a stable and long-term development of bilateral relations and avoid any strategic miscalculation," he said.

Sun stressed that China and India need peace rather than confrontation, saying that the two countries should always bear in mind the overall bilateral relations, put differences in an appropriate place and not allow differences to interfere with bilateral relations.

"We should seek common development as partners rather than opponents or adversaries," he said. "Why should we fight against each other that will only hurt those close to us and gladden the foes?"

Sun noted that China and India need to pursue win-win cooperation instead of zero-sum game, saying the two countries are fully capable of achieving win-win results through cooperation as they boast huge market potentials and high economic complementarity.

He said that China and India need to build trust, rather than suspicion.

"If China and India wish to speed up the realization of our own development and revitalization, mutual respect and support is a sure way and meets the long-term interests of both countries," he said. "Suspicion and friction is a wrong path and goes against the fundamental aspiration of the two peoples."

The ambassador said China-India relations should move forward rather than backward as this year marks the 70th anniversary of China-India diplomatic ties.

"Now the China-India relations are facing a complex situation," he said. "We should take a broader and far-sighted view, work together to overcome and turn it around as soon as possible."

"We should meet each other half-way, expand positive dimension of cooperation, narrow down negative factors and refrain from doing harm to mutual trust and cooperation," he added.

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