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13 April 2020 Military News

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  • DOD Works to Eliminate Foreign Coronavirus Disinformation DoD News 13 Apr 2020 -- Under the rubric of "not wasting a good crisis," Russia, China and others are using the coronavirus pandemic to spread disinformation to further their goals, Pentagon officials said.
  • Navy Sailor Assigned to USS Theodore Roosevelt Dies of COVID-Related Complications NNS 13 Apr 2020 -- The Sailor assigned to the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) who was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the U.S. Naval Hospital Guam April 9 (local date) died of COVID-related complications April 13.
  • First Active Duty US Service Member Dies from COVID-19 VOA 13 Apr 2020 -- A sailor assigned to the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier died Monday of complications related to the coronavirus, the first active duty military service member to die from the virus.
  • Air Force update for COVID-19 US Air Force 13 Apr 2020
  • DoD Contract for 60 N95 Critical Care Decontamination Units: $415M Contract, Each Unit Can Decontaminate 80K N95 Masks Per Day DoD 13 Apr 2020 -- The Department of Defense's Defense Logistics Agency, on behalf of the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), has awarded a $415 million contract for 60 Battelle Memorial Institute Critical Care Decontamination Systems (CCDS), that can decontaminate up to 80,000 used N95 respirators per system per day, enabling mask reuse up to 20 times.
  • Defense Department CIO and Joint Staff CIO Brief Reporters on DOD Communication Efforts Regarding COVID-19 DoD 13 Apr 2020 -- Dana Deasy, Defense Department CIO, and Air Force Lt. Gen. Bradford Shwedo, Joint Staff CIO
  • DOD Learns Lessons for Future From Coronavirus Fight DoD News 13 Apr 2020 -- The Defense Department is "all in" for the fight against COVID-19 and to learn from the experience so the department is better prepared when another pandemic strikes, the Joint Staff's director of joint force development said.
  • DOD Transports Vital COVID-19 Medical Supplies to Points of Need DoD News 13 Apr 2020 -- Transportation is a key part of the Defense Department's contributions to the whole-of-government effort in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Army selects Anniston Army Depot for AMPV De-processing US Army 13 Apr 2020 -- Today, the Army announced the selection of Anniston Army Depot (ANAD) as the de-processing site for the Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV) program. The AMPV has proven through operational and developmental testing to be more effective and survivable than the thousands of M113s it is replacing.
  • Growth in DOD Telework Capability May Outlive Coronavirus Pandemic DoD News 13 Apr 2020 -- BY To keep business on track during the fight against coronavirus, the Defense Department has greatly expanded its telework capability with a variety of tools. Once the coronavirus threat has receded, some of those enhancements for telework may continue on in some capacity, DOD's chief information officer said.
  • Harry S. Truman Strike Group Conducts Sustainment Underway NNS 13 Apr 2020 -- The Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group (HSTCSG) remains at sea in the Western Atlantic as a certified carrier strike group force ready for tasking in order to protect the crew from the risks posed by COVID-19, following their successful deployment to the U.S. 5th and 6th Fleet areas of operation.
  • U.S. 6th Fleet: Ready, Vigilant, On Watch NNS 13 Apr 2020 -- Two U.S. 6th Fleet Forward-Deployed Naval Forces-Europe (FDNF-E) destroyers and a P-8A Poseidon Maritime Patrol Aircraft are operating simultaneously in different major European Seas, April 13.
  • US Navy Says USS Decatur Captain Removed for Filing False Reports on Ship's Location Sputnik 13 Apr 2020 -- A recently obtained investigation report from the US Navy has revealed the USS Decatur's commanding officer was fired from his position back in January for reporting inaccurate location coordinates to the service.
  • U.S. military aircraft fly south of Taiwan after PLA training mission CNA 13 Apr 2020 -- Two United States military aircraft were reported close to Taiwan's southern airspace on Monday, one day after the Ministry of National Defense (MND) confirmed a Chinese aircraft carrier battle group sailed east of the country.
  • NATO Steel Brawler Military Drills to Begin in Latvia Sputnik 13 Apr 2020 -- The six-day Canadian-led multinational NATO military exercise Steel Brawler is scheduled to begin in Latvia at the Mza Mackevici training ground in the southeastern municipality of Daugavpils on Monday.
  • Russian Army Receives Its First Backfitted T-90M Tanks Codenamed 'Breakthrough' Sputnik 13 Apr 2020 -- The new modification of the T-90A tank has a highly automated fire control system and a Kord 12.7 mm heavy machine gun that can be operated remotely.
  • Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning conducts exercises in South China Sea: PLA Navy spokesperson Global Times 13 Apr 2020 -- The Chinese Navy recently organized the Liaoning aircraft carrier group in a cross-regional mobilization, which saw the flotilla led by the aircraft carrier crossing through the Miyako Strait, Bashi Channel and entering the South China Sea for exercises, the PLA Navy announced on Monday.
  • Chinese aircraft carrier task group conducts regular training in South China Sea PLA Daily 13 Apr 2020 -- The task group of Chinese PLA Navy's aircraft carrier Liaoning recently sailed through the Miyako Strait and Bashi Channel and headed toward the relevant waters of South China Sea for training, according to a written statement by the PLA Navy Spokesperson Senior Colonel Gao Xiucheng on April 13. This is a routine arrangement within the PLA Navy's annual training plan, and also conforms to international law and related conventions. In the future, the Chinese PLA navy will continue to conduct such training activities as planned, in a bid to accelerate the upgrading of aircraft carrier task group's combat capability, said the statement.
  • China's latest aircraft wind tunnel completes major test Global Times 13 Apr 2020 -- China's wind tunnel project remains in development which is expected to reshape the country's future warplanes, and hit another milestone after running a main compressor test, project developers said on Saturday.
  • China starts military conscription for second half of 2020 PLA Daily 13 Apr 2020 -- China has officially started the military recruitment registration for the second half of 2020 in April. Affected by the COVID-19, the recruitment for the first half of the year has been postponed to the second half, with the tasks merged to be completed in one lump.
  • Chinese peacekeepers to Sudan transport UNAMID emergency supplies PLA Daily 13 Apr 2020 -- A helicopter with the marking of UN and the national flag of China from the 3rd China Medium Utility Helicopter Unit (CMUHU03) arrived at the mission point in Golo of Darfur after one-and-a-quarter hours' flight. The helicopter brought 1.7 tons of urgently needed living and medical supplies for the United Nations-African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) personnel stationed in Golo. The mission has greatly improved the local pandemic prevention and control capability and is highly recognized by peacekeepers from various countries.
  • Naval pilot cadets for shipboard helicopter take leaps in training PLA Daily 13 Apr 2020 -- Four pilot cadets of main attack helicopters assigned to the PLA Naval Aviation University successfully completed their first solo shipboard landing and takeoff training in early April.
  • PLA Air Force's first female flight instructors begin teaching pilots PLA Daily 13 Apr 2020 -- The People's Liberation Army Air Force's first female flight instructors began training students late last month, the Air Force said in a statement released on Friday.
  • Western Media Cries Foul After Chinese Carrier Makes Planned Transit of International Waterway Sputnik 13 Apr 2020 -- The Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning took several warships through the Miyako Strait on Saturday, part of a journey to the South China Sea for regular drills. However, the Taiwanese government and Western media have tried to paint the trip as a provocative maneuver amid the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Taiwan developing military-use powered suit for production in 2023 CNA 13 Apr 2020 -- Taiwan's military is planning to spend millions of dollars to design and build its own military-use powered exoskeleton suit that is expected to begin production in 2023, according to the Defense Ministry's budget proposal for fiscal year 2020.
  • India - MK 54 Lightweight Torpedoes DSCA 13 Apr 2020 -- The State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to the Government of India of sixteen (16) MK 54 All Up Round Lightweight Torpedoes (LWT); three (3) MK 54 Exercise Torpedoes (MK 54 LWT Kit procurement required); and related equipment for an estimated cost of $63 million. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency delivered the required certification notifying Congress of this possible sale today.
  • India - AGM-84L Harpoon Air-Launched Block II Missiles DSCA 13 Apr 2020 -- The State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to the Government of India of ten (10) AGM-84L Harpoon Block II air launched missiles and related equipment for an estimated cost of $92 million. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency delivered the required certification notifying Congress of this possible sale today.
  • Pakistani Fighter Jet Crashes During Training RFE/RL 13 Apr 2020 -- A Pakistani fighter jet has crashed during a routine training mission in the eastern Punjab Province, killing both the instructor and the trainee pilot on board, the country's military said on April 13.
  • Pakistan Army Plane Crashes in Gujarat, Killing Both Pilots Sputnik 13 Apr 2020 -- This is the fourth major crash for the country's Air Force this year and the second in just over a month after an F-16 crashed on 11 March while rehearsing for the "Pakistan Day" parade in Islamabad.

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