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Iran rules out US accusations over Yemeni attacks on Saudi refinery

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Sept 16, IRNA -- Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said on his weekly press conference on Monday that Iran supports the Yemeni people suffering from the Saudi disproportionate bombardments, but, implicating Iran in the attacks on the Saudi oil structure is in context of the US "maximum lie".

It is five years that Yemen has been in a bloody war and the Saudi coalition has been committing widespread war crimes against the Yemeni civilians enjoying support from the Western governments, Abbas Mousavi said.

"It is quite natural that the people and the army of Yemen react to the Saudi-led atrocity crimes."

Mousavi said that Iran is not surprised at such remarks. Dependent countries are still dependent and those who intend to milk them say these things to give them a sense of security.

"The US allegations against Iran are baseless and outrageous."

Regarding the accusations made on BBC Persian about putting pressure on a defendant to confess to a wrongdoing , he said that he will not discuss the security issues. There had been some people arrested by security organizations and were questioned according to the documents. Then later on, the government of the Islamic Republic examined the case again to make up for the rights violated so far. They paid compensation for the defendants.

That's customary that the enemies will try to use it against Iran, about which legal steps taken by Ministry of Intelligence and legal organizations.


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