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Guterres pledges UN support to Sudan after military and civilian opposition reach deal on transitional government

17 August 2019 - UN Secretary-General António Guterres on Saturday congratulated the people of Sudan after the military council and civilian opposition alliance agreed earlier in the day on a power-sharing accord.

A statement issued by a UN spokesperson shared Mr. Guterres' warm congratulations on the occasion of the important signing ceremony of the documents on transitional civilian authority.

"He applauds the role of the African Union and Ethiopia in having mediated the Sudanese-led talks," the statement added.

In the wake of strikes and mass public protests early in the year, long-time Sudanese ruler Omar al-Bashir was removed from office by his top generals in April. Hopes were high that the military and opposition could reach a deal, but violence broke out in early April and talks were stalled until negotiations began in the capital Khartoum in July.

In early July, the two sides reportedly agreed to share power for three years, and then hold elections for a return to full civilian government. The AU, Ethiopia and the regional Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) mediated the talks.

"The Secretary-General looks forward to engaging with and supporting the transitional governing institutions," the statement said, reiterating the UN's commitment to assist the transition process towards achievement "of the long-standing aspiration of the people of Sudan for democracy and peace."

Mr. Guterres also underscored the importance of paving the way for Sudan's socio-economic recovery and setting the country on a path of sustainable development benefiting Sudan's diverse and vibrant society.

"The UN stands ready to work with international partners and assist Sudan in this endeavour," the statement concluded.

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