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Houthis Claim 'Dozens' Killed in Attack on Saudi Arabia's Military in Najran - Report

Sputnik News

14:08 03.08.2019(updated 14:51 03.08.2019)

The military wing of Yemeni movement, Ansar Allah, also known as the Houthis, has launched several drone attacks on Najran Airport in southwestern Saudi Arabia. Najran and its civilian facilities have been regular targets of Houthi attacks.

"Missile forces launched a Badr-class ballistic missile at the Saudi barracks in Najran", spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces Brigadier-General Yahya Saree said in a statement.

According to the spokesman, the missile certainly reached its goal, resulting in dozens killed and injured, "which caused a panic in the ranks of the Saudi military".

"The dead and wounded were taken to Najran hospitals", he added.

Saudi authorities have still not commented on reports of the missile attack.

The statement comes amid a series of offensives carried out by a Saudi-led coalition aiming to destroying the Houthi's air defence capabilities.

Meanwhile, the Houthi movement continues to launch drone attacks on airports, power stations, and military bases in Saudi cities.

On 1 August, the movement reportedly attacked a military parade in Aden, the seat of government and a stronghold of the Saudi-led military coalition, killing 36 people, according to the interior ministry. The Houthis though didn't claim responsibility for the incident.

The Houthi movement and Saudi Arabia regularly exchange strikes as they are on opposing sides of the violent military conflict in Yemen. Saudi Arabia, leading the international coalition of mostly Gulf States, supports the Yemeni government in its war against the Houthis.


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