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KSA Affirms Its Determination to Take All Measures to Protect Children in Armed Conflict in Yemen

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Saturday 1440/12/2 - 2019/08/03

New York, August 03, 2019, SPA -- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has affirmed its determination to take all measures to protect children in the armed conflict in Yemen, pointing out that it is working with the coalition countries to form a child protection unit, established with coordination with the United Nations.

This came in the speech of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the session of the Security Council held here yesterday under the item of children and armed conflict, delivered by Permanent Representative of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations Ambassador Abdullah bin Yahya Al-Muallami.

Al-Muallami expressed the Saudi support for the lofty mission of the United Nations to protect children in armed conflicts, pointing out the cases of deliberate damage by some States and armed groups, which the Kingdom condemns and demands to address by all means and forms.

Al-Muallami pointed out that one of the examples of children's deliberate killing is what Israeli occupation commit against children in Gaza and the West Bank, including Jerusalem (Al-Quds), including arbitrary detention and torture, and the killing and wounding of 2,800 children.

He pointed out that Iran's support for the sectarian militias in Lebanon and Syria, led by Hezbollah, is one of the examples of deliberate abuse of children, pointing out that the Iranian regime educates innocent children on military marches and carrying weapons as well as its continued support for the Houthi militias, referring to the independent reports of the United Nations that pointed out to the continued smuggling of Iranian weapons into the Houthis in flagrant violation of Security Council resolutions 2216, 2231 and 2140.

"The UN officials have failed to provide the Coalition Command with full information about the casualties, their place, date, time and evidence. In the absence of such accurate information, the charges remain mere speculations" he said.

In which the Coalition Forces were given sufficient details. These cases were of great concern and independent investigations were conducted and detailed reports were issued clarifying the circumstances of each case and taking measures to hold those responsible accountable.

The Permanent Representative of the Kingdom affirmed the commitment of the Coalition Forces Command to cooperate fully with the UN and the Yemeni authorities in order to take all necessary measures to restore the Yemeni children recruited by the Iranian-backed Houthi militias to their country and to assist the Yemeni authorities in rehabilitating them and preparing them for a return to normal life.

"We recognize that the lives of children are valuable and that the natural place for children is classrooms in schools, playgrounds and recreation away from fighting, threats or deprivation, adding that we hope that the international community will unite in its condemnation of the rebels who are still failing to implement the Council resolution Security 2216, and they are still lagging in the implementation of the Stockholm Convention on the withdrawal from Hodeidah, which was considered by all as a first step towards a comprehensive political solution to restore Yemen's security, stability, and legitimacy," he added.

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