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NATO pays last tribute to its old home

NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

10 Jul. 2019

The flags of NATO and its Allies were lowered for the last time at the old headquarters of the Alliance in Brussels. In a final tribute to the building that hosted NATO for more than fifty years, soldiers from the 29 member nations took down their national flags in a small ceremony today (10 July 2019).

Built in less than six months in 1966, the old headquarters was planned to be a temporary home for the Alliance, before it relocated to more permanent premises in Brussels.

However, it ended up being NATO's home - and the venue of many decisions that shaped history - for 51 years. The move to the new headquarters, fit for a modern, forward-looking Alliance with 29 members, took place in 2018.

The old site will soon be handed over to NATO's host nation Belgium, which will decide on its future use.

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