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Saudi Press Agency

Yemeni Cabinet Condemns Terrorist Attack on Two Oil Pumping Stations in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Press Agency

Wednesday 1440/9/10 - 2019/05/15

Aden, May 14, 2019, SPA -- The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Yemen strongly denounced the sabotage terrorist attack which used explosive-laden drones to target two pump stations along the East-West oil pipeline in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In a statement following its weekly meeting under the chairmanship of Dr. Mueen Abdulmalik here today, the Cabinet expressed full solidarity with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its stand with Riyadh against any threat to the security and stability of the Kingdom.

The statement said the timing of the terrorist attack using drones on the two oil targets, apparently indicates the involvement of Iran behind the act which comes in the interests of Tehran, calling on the world community to take the initiative to confront such acts of terror which threaten not only the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates but the whole region and the world at large.

02:53 LOCAL TIME 23:53 GMT

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