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Saudi Press Agency

Coalition airstrikes destroy Houthis' combat vehicles in Hajjah, Yemen

Saudi Press Agency

Wednesday 1440/9/10 - 2019/05/15

Hajjah, Yemen, May 14, 2019, SPA -- Aircraft of the Arab Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen destroyed today Houthi militia's combat vehicles in the northwestern province Hajjah.

According to "September Net", the coalition airstrikes targeted a camp of Houthi rebels in Abs district west of Hajjah, killing and wounding several Houthi insurgents and destroying six tanks.

Moreover, similar airstrikes targeted sites of Houthi militia in Al-Jar farms of the same district, destroying two BMB vehicles and two platforms used by Houthi rebels to fire Katyusha rockets.

03:29 LOCAL TIME 00:29 GMT

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