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Palestinian Resistance warns Zionist of continuing attacks in Palestinian territories

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, March 15, IRNA -- The spokesman for the Palestinian Resistance Committees in response to the severe attacks by the Zionist regime jets on the Gaza Strip, emphasized that resistance groups in the case of the continuation of the Zionist attacks, in a coordinated response, target the occupied Palestine.

Speaking with Al- Mayadeen news network on Friday, Palestinian Resistance Committees spokesman Abu Mujahid underlined that the missiles launched to Tel Aviv have no link to Palestinian resistance groups.

The Zionist bombers carried out massive attacks against the Gaza Strip Friday morning on the pretext of firing two missiles from Gaza to Occupied Palestine.

Meanwhile, Zionist media reported that the regime's troops targeted 100 spots last night in the Gaza Strip.

The Gaza Strip has been blocked by the Zionist regime since 2006, preventing the flow of food and medicine.

Abu Mujahid also made the remark that 'We gave Egypt great opportunities to stop the crimes of the Zionist invaders and aggression on Gaza, but in the current situation, if the invaders continue their attacks on the area, the joint operations room of the resistance groups respond in consistent way to these attacks.


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