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24 December 2018 Military News

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  • THE COMMITTEES: Disarmament for a peaceful world, defines work of UN General Assembly's First Committee UN News 24 Dec 2018 -- Every year in September, the United Nations General Assembly makes the headlines as world leaders gather at UN headquarters to set the agenda for the year ahead. But for the nitty-gritty discussions of how to turn decisions into action, Member States break out into six specialized "Main Committees". For this first in our series of Committee explainers, we'll take you inside the work of the First – tasked with addressing issues of disarmament and international security.
  • UN ceasefire monitoring chief tours Yemeni port of Hudaydah UN News 24 Dec 2018 -- The head of the UN team which is monitoring and helping implement a ground-breaking ceasefire across Yemen's crucial port city of Hudaydah, had his first face-to-face meeting with authorities there on Monday.
  • Regional Players Prepare for Imminent US Pullout from Syria VOA 24 Dec 2018 -- Major players in and around Syria have started positioning their forces as discussions get under way on how to proceed once U.S. forces vacate the country and their fight against the last remnants of the Islamic State terror group's self-proclaimed caliphate.
  • Turkey-backed FSA militants prepare to replace American troops in Syria Press TV 24 Dec 2018 -- The Turkey-supported militants of the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) say they are preparing to deploy in eastern Syria alongside Turkey's army troops as soon as the announced pullout of the American forces in the region is completed, an FSA spokesman say.
  • Saudi Arabia Agrees to Finance Rebuilding of Syria - Trump Sputnik 24 Dec 2018 -- US President Donald Trump said in a statement on Monday that Saudi Arabia has agreed to pay for the reconstruction of Syria rather than the United States financing the reconstruction of that country.
  • US continues to violate UN resolutions on Syria, says Russian FM Press TV 24 Dec 2018 -- Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has denounced as "illegitimate" the military presence of American troops in Syria, stressing that the US continues to violate the main resolutions of the UN Security Council on the war-torn Arab country despite a troop withdrawal announcement.
  • Netanyahu: Israel Able To Contain Iran In Syria After U.S. Pullout RFE/RL 24 Dec 2018 -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to pull all American troops out of Syria will not stop Israel's efforts to prevent Iran from establishing a permanent presence in Syria.
  • Netanyahu Unsuccessfully Tried to Split Up Syria - Turkish PM Sputnik 24 Dec 2018 -- The Turkish PM's statement comes amid the ongoing war of words between President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. On Sunday, the Israeli prime minister called the Turkish president an "anti-Semitic dictator" who is "obsessed with Israel." Erdogan responded by describing Netanyahu as "the head of state terror."
  • Erdogan Pledged to Eradicate 'Whatever Left' of Daesh in Syria, Trump Says Sputnik 24 Dec 2018 -- On Wednesday, Trump declared Daesh defeat in Syria and subsequent withdrawal of US troops from the Arab country, where they had been staying solely to counter the Daesh. On Saturday, he added that "local countries, including Turkey" should be able to "easily take care of whatever remains."
  • Iran Seeking to 'Build a Force of 100,000 Ground Troops' in Syria - IDF Chief Sputnik 24 Dec 2018 -- Late last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reaffirmed the Jewish state's commitment to counter Iran in Syria despite Washington's recent announcement to withdraw US troops from the Arab country.
  • Macron Vows to Keep French Forces in Levant Region Amid US Withdrawal Sputnik 24 Dec 2018 -- France will retain its military presence in the Levant region, French President Emmanuel Macron said on Sunday, while commenting on the US decision to withdraw troops from Syria.
  • No Party Can Be Excluded From Libyan Settlement - Moscow Sputnik 24 Dec 2018 -- Moscow believes that no eligible candidate can be deprived of the right to run in the Libyan presidential election, including Saif Islam Gaddafi, the son of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov told Sputnik on Monday.
  • UK reaffirms support for Ukraine in face of Russia 'aggression' Press TV 24 Dec 2018 -- The UK has reaffirmed its support for Ukraine in the face of "Russian aggression," as Moscow and Kiev continue to trade barbs over political and territorial disputes.
  • Russia Repeats Claim That Ukraine Is Preparing A 'Provocation' RFE/RL 24 Dec 2018 -- Russia's Foreign Ministry has said "it is quite possible" that Ukraine "might switch to full-scale combat actions within the next few days."
  • Somalia executes mastermind of 2017 al-Shabab bombings Press TV 24 Dec 2018 -- Somalia has executed a member of the al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabab militant group convicted of having masterminded a series of fatal car bomb attacks in the capital, Mogadishu, last year.

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