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Daesh Claims Responsibility for Assault on Educational Center in Kabul - Reports

Sputnik News

13:19 16.08.2018

The blast was reported on Wednesday at the educational center in Kabul. According to the UN statistics, more than 1,000 Afghan schools remain closed, while at least 86 have been destroyed by the militants in 2018 only.

According to Reuters, Daesh* terror group claimed responsibility for the Wednesday's suicide bomb attack in the Shiite area of Kabul, which had led to the deaths of at least 34 people, while injuring 56 more.

Earlier Pajhwok Afghan News agency reported that almost all the victims of the incident were students of an educational center.

The explosion occurred amid a series of attack in the Afgan capital, as the security situation in the war-torn country remains extremely tense. Daesh group, which started its activity in Afghanistan four years ago, continues its operations, while the central government also has to fight various militant groups, including its decades-long adversary – the Taliban* radical movement.

*Daesh (also known as ISIS/ISIL/IS), Taliban are terrorist groups banned in Russia


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