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Maduro TV Address Interrupted by Assassination Attempt - Reports

Sputnik News

01:24 05.08.2018(updated 02:21 05.08.2018)

A televised address by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was cut short during a speech at a military event on Saturday and soldiers were seen running before the TV transmission was cut off.

A demonstration in Venezuela was abruptly interrupted on Sunday after an alleged attempt of assassination of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, according the videotape recording of the leaders' televised address.

As documented on video, Maduro was delivering his speech when he and those around him onstage suddenly looked up as participants in the demonstration rushed from the scene, according to several Venezuelan media outlets with access to the footage

According to NTN24 broadcaster, the assassination attempt on Maduro might have been committed with the use of a drone filled with C-4 explosives.

However, the attempt of assassination of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has failed, a source in Caracas told Sputnik on Sunday.

"Yes, the assassination has presumably happened, but it turned out to be unsuccessful," a source said.

According to local media reports, Maduro was not injured and has been evacuated from the scene. According to Reuters, at least seven national guard slodiers were injured.

Local police has downed drone that attacked the scene where officials, including Maduro were present.

According to Venezuela's Minister of Information, not one, but several, drones allegedly fitted with explosives attacked the country's leadership during a military parade.


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