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'Roaming Freely': Afghanistan Provides Proof Daesh, Taliban Trained in Pakistan

Sputnik News

09:18 02.02.2018(updated 12:13 02.02.2018)

About 200 people have been killed by Daesh and Taliban militants in Afghanistan in January, in what was harshly condemned by Islamabad which has repeatedly denied sheltering terrorists.

Afghan Interior Minister Wais Ahmed Barmak has claimed that Kabul had provided Islamabad with "undeniable" proof that Daesh and Taliban militants responsible for a spate of deadly attacks in Afghanistan in January were trained on Pakistani soil, according to AP.

Barmak said that the militants had ostensibly been trained at Islamic seminaries located in the Pakistani town of Chaman near the Afghan-Pakistani border.

He also cited confessions by captured militants as saying that Pakistan allegedly allows Taliban leaders to "roam freely" on its territory.

Barmak's remarks were made during a news conference in Islamabad also attended by senior Pakistani and Afghan military and intelligence officials, including Afghanistan's spy chief, Masoom Stanekzai who urged Pakistani authorities to do more in order to rein in the Taliban.

"The Taliban, with these actions, cannot call themselves a political organization. They are a terrorist organization. We expect action, not just talk," he pointed out.

Earlier, Islamabad condemned January's terrorist attacks in Afghanistan which claimed the lives of about 200 people.

The US, in turn, moved to stop its security-related financial aid to Islamabad in early January, citing alleged Pakistani support for the Afghan Taliban and allied militias.

Islamabad has more than once rejected allegations about its sheltering Daesh and Taliban terrorists. Noting that the country had been fighting against terrorism mostly with the use of its own funds, the Pakistani government earlier signaled readiness to do its best "to secure the lives of our citizens and broader stability in the region."


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