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07 January 2018 Military News

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  • Yemen's GPC names new head to replace slain Saleh Press TV 07 Jan 2018 -- Yemen's General People's Congress (GPC) has picked a new leader to replace long-time chief Ali Abdullah Saleh who was killed last month.
  • Yemeni forces target Saudi-led Tornado fighter jet over Sa'ada: Report Press TV 07 Jan 2018 -- Yemeni air defense forces have reportedly intercepted and shot down a twin-engine and multirole Panavia Tornado combat aircraft belonging to the Saudi-led military alliance involved in the aerial bombardment campaign against Yemen.
  • Yemeni General People's Congress Picks New Party Leader After Saleh's Death Sputnik 07 Jan 2018 -- The General People's Congress, the political party of former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who was killed in December 2017, chose his ally and party's deputy head Sadiq Amin Abu Ras as its new leader, a Sputnik correspondent reported Sunday.
  • Car bombing leaves over 20 people dead in Syria's Idlib Press TV 07 Jan 2018 -- Nearly two dozen people have been killed and scores of others injured when a powerful explosion ripped through a residential area in Syria's northwestern city of Idlib, where Syrian army forces, supported by allied fighters from popular defense groups, continue to gain ground against foreign-sponsored Takfiri terrorists.
  • Jordan agrees to aid drop for stranded Syrians Press TV 07 Jan 2018 -- Jordan has agreed to a request by the United Nations to deliver humanitarian aid to thousands of displaced Syrians stranded in harsh conditions near a border crossing between Jordan and Syria.
  • Syrian army, allies recapture key militant stronghold in Idlib Press TV 07 Jan 2018 -- Syrian army forces, supported by allied fighters from popular defense groups, have managed to regain control over a key stronghold of foreign-sponsored Takfiri terrorists in the country's northwestern province of Idlib as they are engaged in a major military offensive to break the siege on a strategic air base in the province.
  • Car Bombs Rip Through Syria's Idlib, Killing Dozens Sputnik 07 Jan 2018 -- Dozens of people were killed and injured after terrorists had set off two car bombs in the Syrian province.
  • Syrian Army Liberates Strategic Settlement of Sinjar in Idlib Province - Source Sputnik 07 Jan 2018 -- Syrian troops supported by allied forces liberated the settlement of Sinjar southeast of the Idlib province from the militants of the Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (formerly known as Nusra Front) terrorist group, outlawed in Russia, a well-informed source told Sputnik on Sunday.
  • Six PKK militants killed as Turkish jets pound northern Iraq Press TV 07 Jan 2018 -- Six members of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) have been killed when Turkish military aircraft carried out a string of aerial attacks against the militants' positions in Iraq's semi-autonomous Kurdistan region.
  • Israel PM wants UNRWA closed amid US aid cut threat Press TV 07 Jan 2018 -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called for the closure of the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees after US President Donald Trump cut the funding for the organization.
  • Gunmen kill 13 in Senegal's south Press TV 07 Jan 2018 -- Gunmen have killed at least 13 people in an attack in Senegal's volatile south, military sources say.

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