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Global Goals a 'blueprint' for fair and equitable development, Kenya tells UN Assembly

22 September 2017 – Speaking at the 72nd annual general debate at the United Nations General Assembly, Kenya highlighted that the 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have provided the globe with a blueprint for a more peaceful world and for making development and globalization "fair and equitable for all."

In her address, Amina Chawahir Mohamed, the Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Kenya said that her country a firm believer in multilateralism and that it acknowledges the UN's "remarkable role" in sustaining peace and providing a platform for cooperation and solidarity among nations.

"We know the UN can do better," she added, noting that the Organization must embrace reforms to adjust to current times, and be more accommodative, more democratic and more effective.

She also voiced concern at "exclusion of countries" at the Security Council, noting that it continues to be "dominated by a small club of countries."

"This exclusion continues to undermine the legitimacy and even efficiency of the Council; while its operations, on the other hand, raise issues of accountability and transparency."

Also in her address, the Cabinet Secretary informed the General Assembly of efforts within her country to accelerate implementation of the SDGs as well as the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. She also spoke of Kenya's assistance to refugees and on efforts to combat trafficking in persons.

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