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Multilateralism is pathway forward to a better world, Cyprus tells UN Assembly

21 September 2017 – As the high-level segment of the United Nations General Assembly continued today, Nicos Anastasiades, President of Cyprus, spoke extensively about multilateralism as the only way to preserve the planet; peacefully resolve conflicts; end terrorism and extremism; prevent natural disasters and alleviate humanitarian crises around the world.

Only collective efforts can address crises "like the current one with North Korea, which threatens […] the peace and security architecture of the region and beyond," he stated. Mr. Anastasiades also pointed to international, multilateral cooperation as being vital in dealing with terrorism, while also calling "education, dialogue, economic growth and social inclusion" essential to prevent and counter violent extremism within societies.

Enhancing societal resilience is a key aspect of multilateral endeavours he said, telling the Assembly "our determination to implement the 2030 Agenda must remain high on our list of priorities, sustainable development is at the heart of dealing with the root causes of forced migration."

The President also pointed to the need for "a just, effective and efficient global governance system," for which Cyprus is in accord with the Secretary-General's reform priorities to ensure that multilateralism remains relevant and effective.

Mr. Anastasiades stated Cyprus' opinion that "the most vital pillar to achieving inter-State, regional and global peace is through respecting and ensuring the full and unhindered independency, territorial integrity and sovereignty" of each UN Member State as the only way to avoid inter-State conflicts that, in turn, establish conditions for protracted destabilization, violence and uncertainty.

Turning to matters closer to home and the recent UN-facilitated negotiations on Cyprus, he stressed that the vision of the people of Cyprus is on ending the unacceptable status quo and establishing a federal state which would ensure to the generations of Greek and Turkish Cypriots, conditions of stability for a safe, prosperous and peaceful future.

"A State free from any foreign interventions and dependencies; 'a normal state,' as the UN Secretary-General very correctly stated. A State led by Cypriots for Cypriots," he said, urging Turkey and Turkish Cypriot compatriots to realize that it is only through mutual respect and compromises "and not obsolete fixations to failed practices that we will achieve a viable and lasting settlement."

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