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China-made aircraft carrier is expected to serve this year or within the sea to advance to next year

August 23, 16:02

Recently, Dalian Shipbuilding Industry News website released the news, not only for the first time announced on April 26 this year, the domestic aircraft carrier model for the 002 type, but also revealed that the construction of this key model "across the board to achieve important node goals." This message to clarify the aircraft carrier model is not always spread 001A type, from this point of view the meaning is not too big, just let the majority of military fans know the official "large", rather than the previous folk "trumpet "

The message is more important to reveal the two points: First, 002 aircraft carrier is the whole line, rather than individual or part of the node ahead of time to achieve the goal. This means that the original proposed by 2020 before the Navy's important node, will follow in advance. The official website of the message also mentioned, 002 aircraft carrier construction will be excellent results to this year's event gift. This shows that the aircraft carrier is likely to enter the sea trial within this year, the official delivery of the Navy time may be ahead of 2018 to 2019 between .

This has been released with the user before the construction of live photos of the information presented also coincide. For example, the powertrain of the 002 carrier has been tested, the chimney has smoke; aircraft carrier-based active phased array radar has also begun to install. In particular, after a dynamic, indicating that 002 has entered the carrier-based electronic equipment, the final installation phase of the subsystem. As a 001 aircraft carrier Liaoning ship imitation and improvement models, the PLA leader on the 002 aircraft carrier's general requirements is "rapid construction, rapid delivery, rapid formation of combat effectiveness."

In the rapid formation of combat effectiveness, the Navy has been in the Liaoning ship, including carrier-based aircraft, including all the posts of the implementation of "one post more than people" training mode, but also supporting the construction of the Xu Xia passenger aircraft carrier training comprehensive protection ship (wing number 88 ), Can carry out an aircraft carrier two sets of synchronized operation training, greatly speeding up the aircraft carrier training speed. In addition, the number of qualified Chinese naval carrier fighter pilots is close to 40. Even if the 002 aircraft carrier may be delivered one year in advance, two aircraft carriers need at least 48 carrier-based fighter pilots, naval carrier aircraft can also ensure that meet the demand.

Today, in the rapid construction, rapid delivery, Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Group also gives a very positive signal. The official website of the message further that the current 002 aircraft carrier project steadily advance, will be transferred to the critical stage. This indicates that the 002 is about to end outfitting and enter the mooring test phase.

In general, the mooring test is based on the completion of the installation of electromechanical equipment and its system. Through the adjustment of mechanical and electrical equipment and performance test to verify whether the mechanical and electrical equipment to achieve the original design performance, whether to meet the ship design, And mooring test outline requirements. After this phase of the trial is completed, 002 aircraft carrier will carry out navigation tests, also known as trial or sea trial.

At present, due to the continued accumulation of Liaoning ship experience, as well as the military on the second aircraft carrier's urgent needs, manufacturers are working overtime to progress. Then there may be a situation is, 002 type of aircraft carrier fastest or within this year to start the sea test.

The sea test is the last test of the ship test and the most important of the ship test. Every ship in the final stage of construction, have to carry out navigation tests. The navigation test shall be carried out in accordance with the prescribed outline to test the navigational performance, electrical equipment, navigation equipment and mechanical equipment of the aircraft carrier to verify that the overall performance and equipment quality of the aircraft carrier meet the requirements of the military. The purpose of the navigation test is through the test, the final acceptance of the aircraft carrier.

002 type of the first release of this model, there is a more significant extension of the meaning, that is, after the aircraft carrier, the upcoming construction of the domestic third aircraft carrier model can be identified as the 003 type, before the controversial " Catapult or electromagnetic catapult "problem has also been conclusive. Flat deck, conventional power, electromagnetic catapult, will be the main features of the 003 aircraft carrier.

The main reason for this inference is three:

First, Ma Weiming academicians have repeatedly indicated that China's aircraft carrier electromagnetic ejection technology has reached the level of engineering applications, and recently revealed on the "steam ejection dispute" will soon be the result.

Second, the domestic second aircraft carrier official model is determined to be 002 type, from our military equipment model naming practice point of view, which means that 003 type will be new, different models of the previous aircraft carrier. And has been rumored 001A type is Liaoning ship imitation improved type, 002 type is the conventional power steam ejection type, 003 type is the electromagnetic type. Now that the 001A model does not exist, 002 is the Liaoning ship imitation improved. Then the basic can determine 003 type is the conventional power electromagnetic jet-type aircraft carrier, and may build 1-2 ships, the future of nuclear-powered electromagnetic ejection aircraft carrier will be 004 type.

Third, the current China is to promote the "corner overtaking" innovation strategy, emphasizing the technical leader rather than run with. Specific to the construction of naval ships, in the already with the steam ejection technology engineering application of the same level of electromagnetic catapult technology, the military leaders will no longer follow the previous ideas, abandoning advanced technology without the use of backward technology. Moreover, the status quo of China's research and development, the steam ejection technology is not more mature than the electromagnetic catapult technology.

003 type aircraft carrier (formerly known as 002 type) has been opened debate has continued for quite some time. The news from the industry also revealed that the 003 aircraft carrier has been unable to start the reason, because it is necessary to modify the previous steam ejection program, instead of developing electromagnetic ejection model program.

Now it seems that after intense discussion, the military finally with the 003 aircraft carrier research institutes, construction manufacturers to reach an agreement, not hesitate to spend time, put resources and funding, the 003 aircraft carrier steam ejection program pushed to re-form the aircraft carrier electromagnetic Ejection program.

In determining the use of electromagnetic ejection program, the expected 003 aircraft carrier will soon be in China, a shipyard in Shanghai officially started construction.

It is expected that by 2019, the Chinese Navy will have Liaoning ship, 002 two completely formed combat aircraft carrier. In about 2025, 003 aircraft carrier is expected to be completed and officially delivered to the Navy.

In view of this, as the domestic aircraft carrier "chief security" of the 055-ton destroyer construction will also be adjusted. Currently under construction of the four 055 destroyers are expected to belong to Liaoning ship, 002 aircraft carrier formation. And with the 003 aircraft carrier partner, may be the use of integrated power propulsion technology, and even the installation of electromagnetic gun 055A destroyer.

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