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Nasrollah: Arsal operation going on till total purge

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, July 27, IRNA -- Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrollah said live on Almenar TV on Wednesday that the Asral operation will continue until total purge of the area from Takfiri terrorists and added that he won't respond US President Donald Trump's remarks so that the Lebanese mission in the States doesn't face any trouble.

Focusing on Arsal battle in his speech, Hezbollah secretary general indicated that the goal of the battle in Arsal, Lebanon, and Flita outskirts in Syria was to push out the armed terrorists from areas.

He noted that the battle was delayed since 2015, and was needed to be done. The area had become a shelter for the terrorist.

He added that some people might have a different idea about the event who are respected, while stressing that it had got nothing to do with Iran.

'We have been preparing for this battle since last spring. When spring arrived, the preparations took off and we had to choose whether to initiate with it before or after the month of Ramadan. And finally we agreed on after Ramadan."

Nasrollah stated that the area there is witnessing the toughest fights its size is 100 km2 over which Nosra Front had control. In the area, there are high mountains, and barren valleys."

Fighting in those mountains, valleys and hills is most difficult, he said.

Saying that there was no element of surprise involved because there had been some negotiations for peace before, he added a precise war plan was finalized by experience commanders.

Nasrollah indicated, "In Flita outskirts there was a joint battle along with the Syrian Army. We fought side by side, and we both offered martyrs. On the Lebanese side, what the Lebanese Army did in Arsal and its outskirts was essential for this victory, as it targeted terrorists.'

He added that the terrorists intended to enter the city to exploit it, while noting that Nosra Front didn't face safe from the rear are anymore, so it had no choice but to combat the Resistance.

Hezbollah secretary general noted the Ahl al-Sham did the right thing and the way was opened for them to go to the refugee camps to be with their families.

He added that Nosra Front leaders arrogantly did not accept the advice.

He pointed out that Daesh (ISIS) won't accept them either, because Nosra Front should accept Daesh's allegiance, and they won't accept to obey Abubakr al-Baqdadi.

He said that with the help of the Army Arsal stayed safe and secure, stressing that "when the battle is over we are ready to hand in all the locations to the Army and the people of Arsal can return to their towns safely. We will not allow anyone to come near the refugee camps or attack them."

Nasrollah asked everyone not to put a time frame for the operation, pointing out while the battle is approaching the end, there is no rush to finish the operation. He added that passage of time is to his camp's benefit as they are not in a hurry to safeguard their brothers' lives.

Nasrollah announced that the victory belonged to Christians and Muslims. 'In the battle against terrorism we are performing our duty and we do not expect gratitude and appreciation from anyone." he stated.

Hezbollah Secretary General thanked the families of martyrs and of the wounded in all the fields and also saluted the Palestinian people who are defending Al-Aqsa mosque and drawing the path to a new victory, while imposing their will on the Zionists.

Nasrollah appreciated the Yemeni Leader Abdul Malek Al-Huthi for his support to the resistance in Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine, and greeted the Lebanese Army on its anniversary, assuring, "It is a partner and the axis of the golden equation 'Army-People-Resistance'".

Commenting on Trump's remarks, he said he would not respond Trump's remarks so that the Lebanese mission in the US did not face any trouble.

In the Tuesday meeting with Lebanese Prime minister Saad Hariri, Trump had called Hezbollah a terrorist group that is a threat to Lebanon and the whole region.


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